Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bath not shower!

David asked Gratton if he wanted a bath and he got all excited and started walking towards the stairs. Then David got up and said to me, "we're taking a shower." Gratton threw himself on the ground and started fake crying. David said, "Bath I meant bath" and Gratton got right back up started running up the stairs. Funny how when he was a baby he hated baths but loved showers, and now it has completely flipped! Crazy kid

Friday, November 16, 2012


So Gratton does this adorable new thing where every time something scary happens on a movie, he covers his mouth and gasps. It is so so so cute! I love watching him grow up! He's so cute!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Warhead Candy Cane

So Gratton comes downstairs with a warheads candy cane. He gives it to David and David says, "where did you get that?" He said it in a bit of an accusatory tone, so Gratton, apparently not in the mood to get into it, took it back and handed it to me. He knows I open candy, no questions asked. Good parent, score! Also, my kid is a champ because he eats warhead candy canes. I refuse to even
try them...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rhodri's Lulliby

My sister in law wrote this song for her baby! You have to listen to it. Its beautiful and she has a great voice.
Live and Love Music: Beautiful Baby: Rhodri's Lulliby: I finally did it. So, here's my masterpiece minus piano, because I definitely would not have been able to do both in my first time ever re...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Uncle Josh

We are here visiting family in California, and I wanted to dedicate a special post to my brother Joshua! He worked extra special to spoil Gratton! Not that everyone else hasn't too. But anyways. On with the story. Josh had picked up this adorable ship picture, and a book- Are you my mother- before we even got to California. He was thinking of Gratton before he even met him. And then he went to the store and bought Gratton some toys and candy. I may or may not have eaten the candy myself.I did give gratton the fruit snacks, but I'm a sucker for pop rocks! Gratton is still loving the toys though! He got him some water guns and little toy animals. The animals are perfect because at home he has the Noah's Ark ship that I got from DI, but he has no animals for it! Josh also got him some sidewalk chalk that I'm going to let him use today when we go back to my Moms house in Lancaster. My brother Joshua Boyd Bailey and I are four years apart. He got his middle name from my Dad- Wendell Boyd Bailey. Growing up I always wanted to name one of my sons Boyd, because I loved the name and my brother and Dad. I don't think I've ever mentioned that to David though. Josh was born on April 8, 1986 in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Now that I think of it, I didn't even realize my parents ever lived there. But I know that they must have because I remember where Josh was born because we talked about it so much when we were kids. We would get confused about whether he could be president or not because he wasn't born in California. Shows how much we love California huh? No, we just always got confused between the difference of States and Countries. Josh was always a good story teller, ever since we were kids. We would wake up and tell Joey stories that weren't true, and scare the living poo out of him! Poor Joey. We weren't so nice to him when he was really little. He always told on us when we did stuff we weren't supposed to- like walking to 7-11 when our grandparents were supposed to be watching us, but they were really just watching Soap Operas! He couldn't lie, so when he was questioned it would all just come out! Josh and I were like best friends until we moved to Lancaster. Then he started doing the big kid stuff that most big brothers do, so that we little sisters don't have to be the ones to make those mistakes haha. He still always stuck up for me though, and told his friends that he would kill them if they ever came near me. Good guy cause I always thought his friends were so cute. So it's better that they were terrified of coming near me! Then Josh went all strait arrow and joined the Army. He was in computer network security or some smart guy stuff like that. He was stationed in Korea for most of his tour, and then in Washington. Now he is back in California and working on school. Anyways, love ya Josh!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A baby who likes to be clean?

So my little guy is going through a new stage, a clean stage. He goes and runs in the mud and literally rolls in the dirt and rocks, and picks up bugs like most little boys. Then he comes to me exclaiming, "mama" and holds out his hands for me, looking up expectantly. I always laugh because I know what he wants. He wants me to clean his hands and arms and whatever else he got all dirty.

We're still in the car driving to Vegas, and he got messy doing something. He made me wash his hands and feet with a wipe, and then I just gave him the wipe because he still didn't seem satisfied. You can see in these pics that that made him really happy. Silly kid.

Little Chef

So we're driving through Vegas to California, and gratton wanted a drink at the gas station. I watered down some sprite and gave it to him. In the car, I glanced into the back seat and saw him doing something very interesting. He took the straw out and was putting his snacks (crispex and berry cereal) through the straw hole.. He was very proud of himself. I was mostly worried about him dumping it everywhere. I didn't want to stunt his creativity though, so I let him keep doing it. To my surprise, he didn't spill any, but instead let me know when he was finished, so I could take it away for him.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lander Wyoming

We went to visit Davids grandpa last weekend, and we had a blast! When we got there, it was pretty late. But we stayed up and talked a little. Gratton and I went to bed, and David and his grandpa stayed up watching the Giants game. The next morning we had oatmeal for breakfast. Davids grandpa kept insisting that I add more half and half to it. It made it creamier, but then I kept having to add more sugar. He's a funny guy. Then we went out to a spot where we could feed these huge trout! It was only a quarter for a huge handful of food. It was awesome. Gratton liked throwing the food. He only got it out to the fish once, but he thought every throw landed in the water, and that's all that matters really! Then he got bored of the fish and wanted to figure out how the food machine worked. People would come use the machine, and he would show them how it worked. Or how he thought it worked! Then we went to see the sinks, and that was fun. There was a little museum with animals (stuffed of course), which we loved! Gratton kept saying "bear" and "hawk". It was cute to see David taking him around and showing him the animals, and teaching him how to say the names. He is such a good Dad. There were fossils, and displays where you could guess what the fossil was. There was also a display of skulls that was so awesome! They had an area where kids could touch skulls and owl wings, and stuff like that. Gratton liked that a lot, and so did I. It was really fun! Then Grandpa Crook took us to KFC, where they had a buffet! I have never been to a KFC buffet, so that was amazing. We ate tons! And they had food I could eat too, which was amazing. Gratton liked the food, but didn't like how long it took us to eat. David and I had to take turns taking Gratton on walks around the building so that he wouldn't bug all the old people inside. Grandpa Crook seemed to know everyone in town! He's popular ;-) Then Grandpa took us to the grocery store so that Gratton could get some bananas. You see, on the car ride to the trout, I was feeding Gratton fruit snacks. They were Motts fruit snacks, so there were banana flavored ones. I said something about it, and then Gratton got all excited and wanted a banana. He kept saying nana, nana, nana! I told him we didn't have any, but he started saying please and then cried for a minute. Well grandpa remembered, and so he bought him some. The next day we went to church and it was fun. It was the first time Gratton sat all the way through the sacrament meeting! Woo! But then he got bored for the last two hours. He wouldn't go to nursery or to our classes. So I followed him around and let David go to his classes. For the second hour of church, we walked around the building outside. Gratton had fun walking through the bushes. I think he thought he was in a forest or something. He was having a lot of fun, and kept roaring! Haha it was funny. He also kept picking flowers and throwing them, and then stomping on them. He is such a boy. He saw a big daddy long leg spider, and chased it. He got sad when it got away. He seems to love bugs. During the third hour of church, he ran around the sacrament room. There was another Mom in there too with her son Jackson, who was 18 months. He couldn't quite do the same things Gratton could, so Gratton was teaching him. Like they couldn't get up onto the piano bench, so Gratton brought over the step stool from the pulpit, so they could climb from one to the other. The other Mom was saying that her son didn't know that he could move things to climb from one to another. Unfortunately though, Gratton taught him how! He also figured out how to move the pulpit up and down, and turn on the sound system. I don't even know what he did, but all of a sudden there was a ladies voice blaring on the sound system. I quickly figured out how to turn it off, but then I had to keep making sure he didn't do it again. He is such a crazy kid. Present time- He just brought me 4 unopened packs of fruit snacks. I guess he wants me to open them haha Here are some pictures from the trip. I just realized though that we didn't take ANY with Grandpa crook! We suck at taking pictures... This is Gratton sleeping on the drive. He's so cute!

Monkey Boy

I woke up because I heard Gratton walking around the kitchen. So I get up and grab a diaper so I can change him. I hear grunting though, so I just sit down and wait. No point changing him before he finishes! When he comes out of the kitchen though, there isn't a new addition to his diaper. That isn't what he was grunting about! He peeled his own banana! He did just turn 17 months old yesterday, but I still think he should be coming to me to peel bananas! Guess he doesn't think so though! Crazy kid :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cooking to music

So we're downstairs watching a TV show, and Gratton goes upstairs. About 2 minutes later we hear Tarzan playing super loud, and pots and pans clanging. He turned on the CD player, which is on the counter (so he had to move the heavy chair over to the counter), and he's pretending to cook. This child... If he wants to do something, he does it! Even though hes only 17 months (tomorrow).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Oops sorry Mommy!

Gratton spilled water on me and the couch, and then he went and got a wipe and came and cleaned off my arm and the couch! He is the sweetest baby in the world!

Little Artist

Gratton has been learning how to draw and color lately. It is really cute. I need to get him a coloring book! I'm getting off topic though. I am writing this entry because Gratton drew on himself for the first time yesterday. I knew we would run into that eventually, I just didn't think it would be this soon!


A lot of the ladies in my ward go to a Zumba class like 5 times a week. One lady told my husband to have me go, when we first moved in. I was still super sick and had no energy at that time, so I didn't go. I started feeling better though last week, so when Jennifer invited me to go, I was like okay sure! I had heard good things about Zumba, but I saw a class at the Gym once and it looked pretty weird! This class was way better though! The teacher used to be a dance teacher, so the dances are awesome. And it's cool because women who have always wanted to dance can finally do it! And it's so cheap. Only $25 a month, and you can go 5 times a week! It's even funner because I can get to know the other ladies in the ward better too! I work in the primary at church, so I know all the kids, but like none of the Moms! Anyways, I just wanted to say that Zumba is really fun. I wouldn't mind teaching it one day. It's a lot like teaching dance, but it seems funner because you don't have to break the steps down. You just do it, and the students follow you the best they can until they catch on. That's my style of teaching!

Friday, June 1, 2012

For the first time in 2 years!

For the first time in 2 years, I don't feel sick! At all! My stomach doesn't hurt, I'm not nauseous or anything! In April (I think it was) the doctors told me that from the biopsy results, it looked like Celiacs disease, and I should stop eating all gluten. Well I did, and now I'm feeling tons better! I was still in a little bit of pain until last week when my new family doctor put me on a stomach medicine to help my stomach and intestines heal. It also treats the bile reflux I was having from the gallbladder removal. Well it it working, and I feel like I could do anything! Woot! I missed feeling normal! Gluten is awesome, and so is bread and all the other yummy stuff it's in. But I really don't miss it, because without it I can lead a healthy normal life again. While I wouldn't suggest a gluten free diet for people without Celiacs disease, for me I love it!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cute and cuddly

Gratton has been such a cuddle bug this week! He has been cuddling with me a ton. He will take a break from playing, just to come up and sit in my lap for a few minutes. I love this kid!

The blanket in this picture was made by his great grandma Bailey!

Gratton wants to play tennis!

So gratton had a first tonight! He tried putting a tennis ball in the ps2 disk tray! As you can imagine, David is simply thrilled! I got some pics though before he could stop him. Gratton even posted the button to close the tray. I guess he wanted to play tennis?

"I can dance too!"

So I was going to put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Gratton, when I noticed that So you think you can dance had started again! So I decided that I would watch that instead, and switch it if Gratton didn't like it. Well, he loved it! We were watching it on the bed, and I look over and see Gratton copying the dancers! Even their facial expressions! And now he is running around spinning and lifting his legs and trying to jump! Oh its the cutest thing ever. David and I are just laughing and I'm pretty close to tears!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I don't eat raw pickles

Gratton is getting so big and doing some awesome things. David says I have to blog about it, so here I am lol. So when Gratton got himself some pickles today (he gets them out of the jar by himself and even shakes the juice off first)he didn't shove them right into his mouth like he usually does. He walked over to the rice cooker and took it apart. Then he put the pickles inside and put the rice cooker back together, even putting the lid on top. He left it there for a second, and then he took the lid off, grabbed his pickle slices, ate them and smiled so big! He's such a cutie pie.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

So Big!

Gratton had a doctors appointment today, and he is so big! Hes 31" tall, already half of my height. He is in the 70th percentile for height and 20th for weight. So he will most likely be tall and skinny like my brothers, perfect!!

They told us to take away his bottles and that made me sad... My baby is growing up and I don't like it! Tear...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

So Smart...

My baby is ridiculously smart. He picked up a piece of trash that David dropped, took it to the trashcan, and then put the lid on the trashcan (because someone left it on the floor when they took out the trash). Also, this morning when he was taking a bath, all of a sudden he started freaking out and climbed half out before I could even get him out. When he did get out, he grabbed his diaper which was on the floor (it was still clean from before his bath, so I was going to put it back on him) and started trying to put it on by himself. Then as soon as I helped him get it on, he went potty. He knew he had to go potty, and knew he needed to go in his diaper! What the?! He is only 13 months old but he sure acts older..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Genius!

Okay so my baby is a little genius. He is only 12 months, but is so smart. I made these little Valentines Day Baskets, one for everyone. Gratton went through his, and then went over to Bubbas basket, and dragged it back to his spot. David asked him, "Whose basket is that?" And he promptly responded- Bubbas. We all like freaked out! We repeated the question several times, to see if it was just a coincidence, but each time he said- "bubbas!"

Then later on, we were cleaning up all of our stuff, and Gratton put his bottle up on top of the PS3 controller, on top of the TV case. He made it fit perfectly, and then went back later on again, when he was thirsty.

Another thing he did, that was my favorite- I made a clock for David that said "Love is spelled T-I-M-E." I screwed it back together, and it was sitting on the floor. About 5 minutes later, I turn around and Gratton has the screw driver, and is turning it in the exact spot I was! This kid is so smart, I don't even know what to do with him sometimes. He's like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. I will just have to make sure he isn't quite as socially retarded :-)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Moms place?

So Gratton came up to me this morning with a broom in one hand and a spatula in the other. I was laughing and took the outstretched broom from him when David said, "haha look he already knows your place!" I could've slapped him. Then he just kept laughing and said I should blog about it, so here I am. I am so overwhelmed by men in this house.... I just can't win. Especially because I actually like cooking and cleaning. Oh well!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Water bottle mess

So Gratton was trying really hard to get water out of the water bottle. I felt bad for him, so I took the cap off so he could get some water. Well he was quick and ripped it out of my hands and dumped it all down his front and all over my side of the bed! He may have gotten a sip in somewhere, but I'm not sure... This kid is too fast for me...

Just like Dada!

So Gratton wanted Davids electric razor this morning, and of course David gave it to him. It wasn't on, so it couldn't cut him, and he was rubbing it on his face like he was shaving! It was sooo cute! He wants to be just like his dada!

Mommas little helper!

So Gratton's deal of the day is to sweep the whole house. He is dragging the broom around, swinging it from side to side like he is sweeping! It's so cute! Even when I pick him up, he won't let it down.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our little piano player

I am taking a piano class this semester, and learning\ so much! I can read music now, and can play a lot of songs out of the easy to read hymn book. I called my Mom's bf to ask how to know what kind of keyboard to buy (to practice with) and instead of ME buying a crappy keyboard (which I was still really excited about], he ended up buying me a real piano! I love it! It sounds so much better than what we play on in class, and it's in my house, so I can play it whenever I want!

Well Gratton loves playing the piano. He sits on the bench and looks at the sheet music like he is reading music! It is the most adorable thing I have EVER seen!

Also, thanks again Steve for the piano. He told my Mom I deserved it. Whether or not I did, that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Thanks Steve, you are amazing!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

They grow up so fast...

So my little boy turns one next week! I can't even believe it.... He has been walking for some time now, and he has a total of seven teeth now! He is too smart for his own good, and I can barely keep up with the kid!!
He took his first steps on November 3, 2011. By Christmas he was walking like a champ!! And he has a new obsession with spoons!! He loves them. Wood ones are his favorite, but he will also take plastic or metal. So when he has his spoon and he gets excited, clear the way because he tends to get a little crazy with the waving of his arms!!

Every time I cook he takes my spoon or whatever I'm using to tend to the meal, and he tries pushing the food around. Future chef? Maybe!

When I load the dishwasher he likes to "help". I use the word loosely though, because he likes to take out the dishes, esp the dirty ones.

He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Don't tell him, but I got him the series soundtrack for his birthday! We will have fun dancing to it! I also got some fabric to make him a Mickey Mouse blankey. Thank goodness for Jo-Anns amazing sales!

He likes all Disney Movies, esp when the songs come on. I would like it more if he had a longer attention span, but eh what can ya do! He's still a little guy! And he does have a longer span than most.

He has this new thing he does when Mom makes him take naps.. He takes off his socks and pants and throws them out of his crib. Why? The kid likes his nakey time...

He is learning to take advantage of the fact that Mom and Dad and even his uncles feel bad when they try to put him to bed and he cries. It makes me feel bad for 5 minutes, but then when he's asleep I know I've done the right thing. However, if I'm out at a Mary Kay party, the boys don't let him cry and when I come home he will still be awake with a big grin on his face, even though he is walking like he's drunk. He is really just such a character!!! I love him so much! Happy Birthday buddy!!

Always breaking things.. Esp my phone!

Why do I have such bad luck with phones? Oh yeah thats right, I have an 11 month old son!! I remember now! Haha so this time though I was actually the one who broke my phone! I dropped it in the wal-mart parking lot, directly on its face... Yeah that made it crack super bad! But I've been using it anyways and it's been great. Just cuts your fingers a little when you text. But David ordered a new screen so it should be fixed in no time! Or weeks... lol!