Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're having a baby!

David and I are having a baby! We are due on February 6th, so I am fifteen weeks right now. In five weeks we find out if it is a boy or a girl, I can't wait. I keep thinking it is going to be a boy, so we'll see if I am right!
We decided we wanted to have a baby, and like 2 weeks after I stopped taking the birth control we got pregnant! I honestly thought it would take a lot longer, but I guess not. I have a belly now, and I can't wear any of my normal clothes anymore. Luckily they make cute prego clothes! I haven't gained any weight yet though, even though my belly has gotten pretty big. Everything has just rearranged I guess.
Every once and a while I get cravings, but not that much really. David might disagree though, I'm not sure. My little sister claims I am more short tempered now, which is definitely true. Being pregnant is not a walk in the park though, I think it makes everyone grumpy! You never feel good, you get headaches that don't go away. You have to pee every 15 minutes, and your face breaks out like you're going through puberty! But in the end we will get a beautiful baby, even if he/she looks like an alien. Also, it does great things for your hair and nails. We're super excited though and I will keep you updated!
We have done a lot of stuff this summer that I need to post up here. More coming soon!