Sunday, July 1, 2018

Yesterday we went to the beach, as a family. The last time we went, I stayed home to avoid getting sicker. This time I wanted to be a part of the memories, and I am glad I went. I set up my beach tent so I wouldn't be in the sun all day, but did spend some time in the water with my hubby and the kids.
Today of course, I'm paying for it, but it feels worth it for the memories we made. Took some steroids, to try to stop the pancreatitis flare that's starting, and soaking in the bath for kidney pain. But we lupus warriors need to remember to live, at least once in a while. Chances are I was going to be in pain the today anyways!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Updates in a Nutshell- Starting with Gratton

I haven't done a post in eight months ago, but it is time. I haven't posted because life has been really really hard. Not that good things haven't happened as well. But every time something good happens, something with my health changes, or we have some big upheaval in our life and I use all the strength I've got to barely get through it for ONE MORE FREAKING DAY!! But I'm coping with things better, so I am going to get back to blogging. I'm too sick to work, so I have the time, if not always the energy :-)

So The last post was about Gratton's first day of first day. Well when he finishes this year, he will start next year as a fourth grader! That was definitely not how I saw this year going for him academically. 

The parent teacher conference with his first grade teacher in Idaho did not exactly go well. He was doing great academically and socially of course, but his teacher literally said "I just don't know what to do with Gratton." He was so far above the other students in the highest learning group of the class that she said she just didn't know what to do. She did make sure to tell us though how impressed she was, that even though he is far above his peers academically, and he knows it-  he doesn't ever treat his peers like he is better than they are. Having humble children is very important to me, and is something I have worked hard to instill in him. I was very glad to hear that some good came of the humility lessons.

His first grade teacher in Idaho was the sweetest lady; she'd just never had a student like Gratton before. He is very bright, and he is constantly seeking for more knowledge. I often have to look up  answers to questions he has involving physics and science, about things that I have never even thought of. He is one of a kind.

Gratton was getting very bored in school before Idaho, to the point that he was begging me to stay home. Every day he would tell me that he learned nothing, and that he was wasting time that he could've been at home actually learning things. I really think that he can get a better education from school though, than with me and my cognitive issues that I have from my Systemic Lupus, and my blood disorder. I am smart, but he deserves a better education than I can offer him at home. I also really think that the social skills learned in school are very important. Because of this, I did some research before moving to Utah, and found a school that I thought would be good for him. 

Once we moved, he had an interview at the Charter School, was accepted, and we went uniform shopping. The interview/tour was pretty awesome;  Gratton was asking the vice principal questions, and informed her that he was going to need advanced classes. It honestly felt like my son was interviewing her!  

So once he started, they spent a few weeks testing him, trying out different classes and approaches, and finally they had a conference with the principal about his education plan. There were quite a few teachers involved in creating this plan. I really couldn't believe how thorough they were, deciding on an actual educational plan for Gratton. We finally got a phone call from his teacher, asking permission to fully integrate Gratton into third grade. They had already tried him in second grade classes, but he still wasn't challenged properly. We agreed, but asked that he still be able to do homeroom with his first grade peers for the last few months of the school year. He had already had to leave behind his peers in Idaho, and had been with the first graders at his new school for a month, and was excited about these new friends. So he goes to homeroom with his first grade friends at the beginning and end of the days, but then goes to third grade for his math, science, english and language arts- all the academic classes. He'll start 4th grade as a 7yr old in a few months.

He loves his third grade classes because he says it's finally challenging, and also that the students are not as loud. He doesn't like how loud the kids his own age are. When he's doing his work, he likes to focus, and was getting frustrated with how immature his first grade classmates were. That part of the conversation with his teacher was actually really funny, when she said she thought he would be more comfortable with older peers because he's so much more mature than kids his age. He talks and acts like a miniature adult; he was just born that way!

Gratton has also done a few pretty big acting auditions this last year! The movie in theaters right now- A Quiet Place- he auditioned for it! His Manager in Santa Monica submitted him for it with a first video submission, and then he actually got an official audition, which is a pretty big deal. It's so hard getting past the first submission. The casting director even said he was adorable! 

He really wants to be an actor, so now that we're in Utah, his manager from CA said we should get him a local agent for print and commercials, for practice. So I am working on that right now. He got to do an audition for a pilot series for CBS a few weeks a go too. It was very impressive that he was able to do that one- there was 13 pages of script that he learned in one day! He is the one who wants to do it though, David and I are far from stage parents. We just want to support our kids ambitions. Kahlan hasn't decided if she's interested at all. She says it looks like too much work, which is completely fine to me!

Next post I'll update you about Kahlan, our nutsy kookoo child. Boy how we love her! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gratton's First Day of First Grade

Gratton's first day of first grade is today! Kindergarten was only half day, and he didn't like that they didn't get snack time or lunch! He is happy he will finally be able to eat lunch at school now.

Last night he had his back to school night, and he got to see his classroom and meet his teacher. She let them pick out a plush that would be their friend for the first week, and then they will be able to take it home forever. Gratton thought that was just grand, and he picked a little penguin. The teacher gave him a get to know you form to fill out, and he went right to a desk to fill it out. His teacher was happy he went to do it right away. David signed up to help out with math once a week in the class. I also signed up to be a class parent too. I volunteered in Gratton's Kindergarten class, and he really liked it.

He rode the bus, and I am happy to announce that he was not late! He was very stressed out about that, even though we told him that if he was late we would just drive him to school. The bus driver did come 10 mins early though, so it turned out to be a good thing he was being so paranoid about time!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Engineering Day - Making Hot Wheels cars

We had an engineering day, and learned about making things. Then we made some hot wheels cars, with the hot wheels fusion kit. The kids had a blast!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mayfield Easter 2017

This  grew in our front yard! It has been brightening up our house all week!
Davids parents came up to Idaho this weekend, for a visit. We had a blast with them. Here are a few pics from the weekend!

I took a selfie, because both my daughter and my niece liked my hair that day! It was a throwback to high school, when scrunchy, beach weathered looking hair was super popular. Successful hair day!

Gratton made this Easter Egg at school. It is like paint, under plastic. It's pretty cool.

A close up of the flower!

The boudin pizza calzone we had Friday night. I only got a few bites, because I didn't want to get sick, but it was amazing! Especially that fresh mozzarella! Yum! 

Gratton dying Easter Eggs with his cousins!

Selfies with Kahlan and Miss Mia. They're so cute! They were fighting over my lap!

Playing the Oregon Trail card game with cousins! 

Easter Egg Hunt at the Idaho Falls Airport Fire Station. We're so lucky to have a firefighter in the family! We get to see lots of cool things!

Easter Baskets for the kids. Gratton got a furcorn plush he wanted, from his game- My Singing Monsters. He also got a game- Disney Hedbands. Kahlan got a purple dress, and a popit set. They had fun with their gifts. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Decor Fail

I got some decorations for Halloween when Porters is having their 75% off of Halloween decoration sale. That's super cute decorations their butt they are very expensive, so I only buy their decorations during the sale.
One of the decorations I got was some skeletons in yoga poses. They're ceramic, but my kids haven't broken decorations for at least a year, so I thought I was good.
Well I found them broken and then ask my kids about it and they both started freaking out and saying they were so sorry. Once Gratton was calm enough to tell me what happened, I got the story.
He said they were battling with the skeletons and only one survived. I said, "and you just thought you could break my skeletons?" "No mom, I  thought they were WAY STRONGER THAN THAT!"

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gratton Knows More than David

David and I were talking about pokemon, and he started singing the dugtrio song, which reminded him of how Gratton taught him the right words to the song. Then he said.

"My son is correcting ME on pokemon?! Best day ever!!" In the voice of Rupunzel, from Tangled.