Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gratton's First Day of First Grade

Gratton's first day of first grade is today! Kindergarten was only half day, and he didn't like that they didn't get snack time or lunch! He is happy he will finally be able to eat lunch at school now.

Last night he had his back to school night, and he got to see his classroom and meet his teacher. She let them pick out a plush that would be their friend for the first week, and then they will be able to take it home forever. Gratton thought that was just grand, and he picked a little penguin. The teacher gave him a get to know you form to fill out, and he went right to a desk to fill it out. His teacher was happy he went to do it right away. David signed up to help out with math once a week in the class. I also signed up to be a class parent too. I volunteered in Gratton's Kindergarten class, and he really liked it.

He rode the bus, and I am happy to announce that he was not late! He was very stressed out about that, even though we told him that if he was late we would just drive him to school. The bus driver did come 10 mins early though, so it turned out to be a good thing he was being so paranoid about time!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Engineering Day - Making Hot Wheels cars

We had an engineering day, and learned about making things. Then we made some hot wheels cars, with the hot wheels fusion kit. The kids had a blast!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mayfield Easter 2017

This  grew in our front yard! It has been brightening up our house all week!
Davids parents came up to Idaho this weekend, for a visit. We had a blast with them. Here are a few pics from the weekend!

I took a selfie, because both my daughter and my niece liked my hair that day! It was a throwback to high school, when scrunchy, beach weathered looking hair was super popular. Successful hair day!

Gratton made this Easter Egg at school. It is like paint, under plastic. It's pretty cool.

A close up of the flower!

The boudin pizza calzone we had Friday night. I only got a few bites, because I didn't want to get sick, but it was amazing! Especially that fresh mozzarella! Yum! 

Gratton dying Easter Eggs with his cousins!

Selfies with Kahlan and Miss Mia. They're so cute! They were fighting over my lap!

Playing the Oregon Trail card game with cousins! 

Easter Egg Hunt at the Idaho Falls Airport Fire Station. We're so lucky to have a firefighter in the family! We get to see lots of cool things!

Easter Baskets for the kids. Gratton got a furcorn plush he wanted, from his game- My Singing Monsters. He also got a game- Disney Hedbands. Kahlan got a purple dress, and a popit set. They had fun with their gifts. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Decor Fail

I got some decorations for Halloween when Porters is having their 75% off of Halloween decoration sale. That's super cute decorations their butt they are very expensive, so I only buy their decorations during the sale.
One of the decorations I got was some skeletons in yoga poses. They're ceramic, but my kids haven't broken decorations for at least a year, so I thought I was good.
Well I found them broken and then ask my kids about it and they both started freaking out and saying they were so sorry. Once Gratton was calm enough to tell me what happened, I got the story.
He said they were battling with the skeletons and only one survived. I said, "and you just thought you could break my skeletons?" "No mom, I  thought they were WAY STRONGER THAN THAT!"

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gratton Knows More than David

David and I were talking about pokemon, and he started singing the dugtrio song, which reminded him of how Gratton taught him the right words to the song. Then he said.

"My son is correcting ME on pokemon?! Best day ever!!" In the voice of Rupunzel, from Tangled.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dollar Store Steals

Were moving to Idaho Falls, so we're getting the house ready to sell. While prepping the house, I have discovered some amazing products at the dollar tree, that I never would have expected to work.

  • Magic eraser- it comes in a 2 pack. Having gone through many clean checks as an undergrad, and when renting houses, I'm a huge fan of magic erasers. These at the dollar tree worked just as well! I'm never buying them anywhere else again.
  • Painters tape. I've always hated how expensive painters tape is, when you need to use so much of it! Dollar store painters tape works just as well!
  • Drano- yup! Dollar store Drano works! I was amazed.
  • Plumber's snake- my husband said it worked really well.
  • Paint brush- it worked great. And since it was only $1, I threw it away instead of washing it out. After painting, i HATE cleaning out brushes. 

Who knew you could trust the dollar store for so much. If you don't like saving money, this isn't so exciting. Made my day though!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kahlan's to Die For Prayer

Kahlan said the prayer for dinner and when she said "tonight" Gratton thought she said "to die" so she said the prayer all over again, but this time emphasised "tonight" and then said "see, I said tonight!"
They can be really frustrating some days, but they can also be super cute