Friday, May 25, 2012

Cute and cuddly

Gratton has been such a cuddle bug this week! He has been cuddling with me a ton. He will take a break from playing, just to come up and sit in my lap for a few minutes. I love this kid!

The blanket in this picture was made by his great grandma Bailey!

Gratton wants to play tennis!

So gratton had a first tonight! He tried putting a tennis ball in the ps2 disk tray! As you can imagine, David is simply thrilled! I got some pics though before he could stop him. Gratton even posted the button to close the tray. I guess he wanted to play tennis?

"I can dance too!"

So I was going to put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Gratton, when I noticed that So you think you can dance had started again! So I decided that I would watch that instead, and switch it if Gratton didn't like it. Well, he loved it! We were watching it on the bed, and I look over and see Gratton copying the dancers! Even their facial expressions! And now he is running around spinning and lifting his legs and trying to jump! Oh its the cutest thing ever. David and I are just laughing and I'm pretty close to tears!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I don't eat raw pickles

Gratton is getting so big and doing some awesome things. David says I have to blog about it, so here I am lol. So when Gratton got himself some pickles today (he gets them out of the jar by himself and even shakes the juice off first)he didn't shove them right into his mouth like he usually does. He walked over to the rice cooker and took it apart. Then he put the pickles inside and put the rice cooker back together, even putting the lid on top. He left it there for a second, and then he took the lid off, grabbed his pickle slices, ate them and smiled so big! He's such a cutie pie.