Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Haunted Mill

Being in Rexburg does have a few perks! There are tons of things to do for Halloween. Straw mazes and corn mazes and haunted houses! We haven't been to the mazes yet, but we went to the haunted mill and it was amazing! It was so so so so so scary! There were dressed up people hiding everywhere. And there were places where it was completely dark and you have to crawl, but you don't know where you are going. It was totally worth the money! We're gonna go to the straw maze sometime this week, whenever David gets better, I am so excited!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ultrasound Pictures!

His little nose and mouth! Those are his legs on the side. He likes to be bent in half for some reason!

This is him sitting on my cervix. Look at his cute little bum!

Isn't he adorable?! I could not believe when we got this pic. That ultrasound tech was amazing!

His cute little foot!

Isn't he just a cutie! My favorite is the pic at the bottom. Looks like he is trying to do a stud pose like his Dad! He kicks and punches me all day long. His muscles should be very well developed by the time he gets here. I have been feeling a lot better too, and finally got my appetite back! Some days I have a lot of energy too.
Wal-Mart is currently having a flannel sale, and when Merle (my mother-in-law) was in town we
got a lot of adorable fabric! I have sewn a few blankets and burp cloths, I need to post them on here. I'm in a sewing class right now, and it has helped a lot. I'm getting better at sewing, and it is such a good thing I have a machine! Thanks bob!
Let's see, what else has been going on? I got a new calling at church, I am a nursery leader! For my friends who have no idea what that means- the nursery is where the 18 month-3year olds go while their parents go to class. So basically we babysit them, have snack time and try to keep their attention for a five minute lesson. Last weeks lesson was called "I can be happy." We told a little story and sang a happy song, it was very successful!
We have gotten some really cute baby outfits too. I just can't wait for Gratton to get here! He has already brought us so much joy, and I can't wait to see him :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's a boy!

So we found out we're having a boy! Now David can't call him "it" anymore. We are going to name him Gratton Robert Mayfield. Gratton is Davids middle name and Robert is his Dad's name. So he will be named after his Dad and Grandpa.
They took all of his measurements, and said he is in the 48th percentile and weighs about a pound. That was like 3 weeks ago though, so he is probably bigger now. He kicks a ton, and is always moving around. I am super tired, I had school today from 7:45-5 and it sooo time for bed. But I will put up pics soon. Bye guys!