Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gratton Robert Mayfield

He's here!!! Gratton was born last Tuesday, 1/26/11 at 3:06am. He weighed 6lbs 4oz and was 20 inches long. However, at his pediatrics appointment he had lost an inch because his head shrunk back to normal. So he is 19 inches now.

I started having contractions Sunday the 24th. They were really strong, but not consistent, so I stayed at home all frustrated, and waited for them to get closer together. We went to Sunday dessert night at Kirsties house, and Kirstie and my lil sis and I joked around about what I could do to get my contractions closer together and get this baby here! Monday morning we went about our normal routine. David went to his first class and I dropped him off at his second class. That was at about 12:45. I got home and as soon as I sat down I noticed that they were getting closer together, so I started timing them. They were a minute apart and really painful. I knew if I waited until Davids class finished, I might be in too much pain to go get him. So after an hour of minute apart contractions, I texted David and went to pick him up. I wanted to go to the doctors office first, in case it was a false alarm. They were all out at lunch though, so the receptionist told me to go to the hospital.

We went to the hospital, and I was dilated to a 2. They hooked me up to monitors and said they were gonna watch my contractions and see if they progressed me at all. The contractions continued for like an hour and a half, and then she made us get up and walk for 30 minutes to see if they would speed up or "fizzle out". After the first walk, they seemed to slow down a little and I started to get kinda disappointed. I didn't wanna go home.... Then she made me walk a second time, and my contractions went nuts. They were one after another and so painful. I had also dilated to a 3. The doc hadn't showed up yet, but when she called him, he said to keep me there and he would come break my water after his shift at the clinic.

When the nurse came back to our room and told us that the doc was going to break my water, and that we were going to have this baby, I was a little shocked! I wanted to have my baby, but I didn't think coming into the hospital that it was going to happen! We didn't bring anything except a camera! I immediately texted everyone who I had promised I would, to tell them we were having a baby. David called his parents, and Natalie (my little sis) called mine. We were so excited. David was literally bouncing around like a little kid who had had way too much sugar!

It was all fun and games until the doc broke my water and the contractions picked up big time. They were so painful, I thought I was gonna die! The doc said I could get my epidural whenever I wanted, and so I thought about it for a few seconds..... Now! I want the epidural now! About 20 minutes later and I'm still dying... I even cried a little. David gave me a blessing. The contractions get harder and closer together.....They are one after another and I tell David, "I can't do it anymore." Then finally the anesthesiologist walks in! He looked like an angel to me with his drugs and sterile kits full of needles.

He starts talking and I half listen, trying to hold back tears and screams. I just want the needles and drugs already. He gets started and tells me not to move, or I can become paralyzed. Perfect thing to say, as one of the biggest contractions yet comes. I hold as still as possible as he tells me this is going to hurt. I thought it would, since they go in between your spine and all, but compared to the contractions all I felt was a tiny pinch. Ten minutes later the drugs kick in and I am all smiles. I can do another 3 days of labor if it's like this!

Kirstie and Bill came a few minutes later. Natalie and Bill left to get food cause no one had eaten. Kirstie insisted they not eat in front of me, but I told them I didn't care. I honestly didn't. Now that I couldn't feel the contractions, I was just super excited again to see my baby boy! The nurse had watermelon flavored ice chips, and that was good enough for me.

We all took bets, and most of us thought it'd be like 6 or 7 in the morning cause I wasn't progressing very fast. However, we were wrong and he was born at 3:08 am! The doctor on call was the one I didn't like, and he was really rude. He even made fun of the name we had picked out. Talk about bedside manners... I don't know all the stuff he was saying because I was pretty distracted, all I know is that the nurses were arguing with him and I heard one of them call him arrogant.

They thought I was going to have to have a C-section because with every contraction his heart rate dropped really low. SO I had to change positions with every push, and then wait for his heart rate to get back to normal before pushing again. He had the heart monitor attached to his head too. He still has the scab actually. But we didn't have to have a C-section because I was such a good pusher and we were able to get him out in an hour. I cried a ton when he was born, David did too. He was just so beautiful and we love him so much!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midnight craving for jello!

So last night at midnight, I got a craving for green jello. Luckily I had some! SO I got up and made it. When I came back to bed David was like, "where did you go?" "Oh I had to make some jello!" He was like, "ooookay..." And today I got to eat it! Yay!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wisdom ouchies...

I never got my wisdom teeth out as a teenager. Not sure why, since we did have insurance. I was just too busy dancing to bother probably. But one decided to grow in quite recently, while I was pregnant.. The dentist didn't wanna take it out though because of the baby. Well it started hurting pretty good and the other teeth around it got really sensitive, so I went in yesterday to have it checked out. When the dentist saw it, he was like "yup that's gonna need to come out".

He wasn't worried about the baby though, because I am so far along. Well, now my mouth is just a big ball of ouchies. It hurts and all I can take is tylenol, which does just about nothing! That is why I am up at 3 am....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby updates

So I haven't been having any contractions lately and next Friday I get to stop taking the contraction meds! The doc said though that it looks like I might actually go full term, so I haven't been staying in bed lately. I've been doing more stuff and it feels great! I am not good at staying still and not doing stuff.

I was at motherhood maternity today, just kinda dinkin around and wasting time until David got off work, and I found the coolest thing! It's a Graco prenatal heart listener. It is so so cool, I wish I would have found it sooner! You can hear the baby's heartbeat (when you can find it), and just him moving around and stuff. You can record it onto your computer, so I'm gonna figure out how to do that too.

David and I are so excited and ready for this baby to come! We just can't wait. The doctor said last week that he was about 5 1/2 pounds. So if I go full term, which he said I should, we are gonna have a pretty big baby, since I'm not due till Feb 5th! He moves around so so much the last few days, and there is not much room in there. It's actually really painful now when he moves! But it is cool when I can feel his foot. I poke at him and he squirms around, it is pretty fun.

Well I will keep you updated! 3 1/2 weeks more at the most! They said they will induce me at 40 weeks if he isn't here yet, and I'm 36 1/2 right now! 37 weeks on Saturday! Speaking of Saturday, Sat is my baby shower, don't forget to come!

No rest for the weary.. Or the pregnant!

So today is like day 3 in a row of waking up at 5am! Anyone who knows me knows that I can sleep anytime, anywhere, whether or not I had 8 hours already. Well I guess those days are over!
I didn't even try staying asleep this morning. I got up and started doing some studying. I am only taking two classes this semester- Doctrine and Covenants (a religion) and Pathophysiology. Both are online, so I never have to go on campus, woo! Except for tests at the testing center...
In my pathology class, the professor records his lectures, so I listen to them and crochet. I'm trying to be better at multitasking like David is. He can do like 4 things at once! I'm working on a baby sweater right now. It looks like it is going to turn out pretty cute!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

May-December 2010

When Davids family came to Rexburg for Memorial day, we did some awesome stuff! We went to bear world and yellowstone. Such a great weekend! I don't have any pics sadly... But now that we finally have a camera, there will be more pics from here on out!

June was a fun month. I had my first ultrasound, and they moved my due date up two weeks. I still think they were wrong, because I specifically remember the first day of my last period. It was the same day I found out I had been kicked out of school, I remember thinking "really, could this day get any worse?!" But they set my due date to Feb 5th instead of January 18th. We had a lot of fun in June, and spent a lot of time at Porter Park, and in the sun. I think it snowed only once in June. I think this was also when Kirstie first told us she was pregnant too. David had already guessed, because he said she was grumpier and sicker, but I hadn't noticed at all!
My little sister decided to come out to Rexburg to go to Paul Mitchell, so we moved out of Jareds room and got a 2 bedroom apartment, so she could stay with us. We needed more space anyway, since we had decided to just stay in Rexburg forever, and I was prego.

July was awesome. We bought a ton of fireworks, and did them on the 4th in Kirsties front yard. We didn't have much competition for room in the street, because we were like the only ones who celebrated it on Sunday. Everyone else did it on Saturday. Kirstie was sick as a dog, but I wasn't TOO bad. I was nauseous a lot, but did not throw up much.

In Aug, we went to Vegas for the Mayfield family reunion, and man was it a blast! We went to The Lion King, The Shark tank, a buffet at the Rio, and mostly enjoyed the air conditioned hotel! I missed my family reunion, because David couldn't get 2 weeks off in a row, and they were back to back. But we will go to mine this year, since his family only does one every other year.
I also turned 22. David and Kirsties family surprised me by showing up with pizzas, dr pepper and brownies instead of a cake (i like brownies a lot, and kirstie was feeling too sick to make a cake)! David got me a cricut scrapbooking machine, which is awesome! Then he took me to the Idaho Museum, out to lunch at Red Robin, and gave me a gift card to best buy! I used it to buy The Fox and The Hound. Great movie!

September was a pretty rough month... We started another semester of school, and I quit my job at payless to work on campus. We found out on the 21st that we were having a baby boy! But then on the same day, Kirstie and Bill lost their baby girl. It was really hard because we didn't talk about our baby without including Kirstie and Bills' and how great it was going to be that they would be so close. It was hard for David and I to separate one from the other. Kirstie and Bill and their kids were really good though about still being excited about our baby Gratton, so that helped. And then I found out that my friend Jessie lost her baby as well. I felt pretty guilty , and kind of threw myself into doing stuff to prepare for the baby, to try to get excited again. I don't know when my feelings changed, but I am happy again about our baby, though I still really wish things went differently for Kirstie and Jessie.
October was a fun month. David loves Halloween, so I had a lot of fun decorating the house! And the Giants won the World Series! We watched all of the games, and had parties and just a good ol time. Here's us all decked out. If you don't understand the beards, its because you aren't a true Giants fan ;)
Fear the beard!
David was a grim reaper thingy, and I was a pumpkin for Halloween. We had a lot of fun!
October 10th was also our one year anniversary. We had a romantic dinner in since it was Sunday, and on Monday David got me some beautiful flowers!
Oh! We also went to the Haunted Mill, I think I already posted about that. Yeah it scared me to death. In turn, I'm fairly certain Gratton was also a little on edge!

Not a very eventful month. Mostly it was filled with stinky school and tests and work, for both David and I. I finally went to a different doctor though who gave me anti-nausea medicine! That changed me being sick so much, it was amazing!
We couldn't go out of town for Thanksgiving, so we had our own here. It was my first time cooking a turkey, but David and I did great! It was way good. We had our friends Cory and Tavo over, and Davids brother Kyle and his wife Alysa and then Kyles friend skylar. So we had a pretty full house! After dinner we went to the movies and watched Red. It was a good movie, and a good end to Thanksgiving!
I got super sick in December, and started having a lot of contractions. I went to the hospital the first time it happened and I've been on the contraction control meds since. They're not helping all that much anymore, now that the contractions are stronger. They are very painful but I think I am getting used to them. Hopefully though I will be able to tell when I am really in labor!
Christmas was fun, it was our second Christmas together. I got David some dress shoes and he got me a stereo for my car! We went to his friend David Scotts house for dinner, which was great. They had the xbox kinect, and it was soo much fun!! We are going to have to save up for one after we finish buying everything for the baby!

January-May 2010

Okay, so this is sooo long overdue! I can't even remember the last time I made a good update! So much happened in 2010 that I didn't write about, so I'm just gonna write about everything!

In January we were living in Orem, UT. David started school at BYU Provo, and I was at UVU. He was working at Trade Home shoes in the mall, and I was working at the hospital in the OR as a tech/orderly.
In February, Davids Grandma Mayfield died. We took a few days off of school and drove up to Northern California for the funeral. It was a great service, and even though I never got to meet her, I could tell by the way everyone talked about her that she was a great woman.
We were there for Valentines day and he surprised me good! He got me a red rose and Martinellis and chocolate donuts for breakfast! Haha he had to sneak out after I went to sleep on the 13th to surprise me, cause we were always
together. Then later that night he gave me a hilarious card with an ITunes gift card. He is so good at knowing exactly what to get me.
March was busy with school and getting everything ready to go to BYU-Idaho for the summer, so I could graduate.We also took a trip to California to surprise my mother-in-law for her birthday. It was a great trip, we went to Disneyland!

April was a horribly stressful month that I don't even wanna write about, but I will do the short version. The week before finals, we went down to Rexburg to make sure everything was in order for school, and for Davids Best Buy interview. We found out that weekend that I had been kicked out of school! I took off the January semester, so David could be at BYU provo and I could finish at UVU, but did not fill out the right paperwork apparently. I had called the school but was given false information. So I was registered for all the summer classes, had turned in the financial aid paperwork, and then the week before school they decide I am no longer a student?! I was so angry and couldn't stop crying during that trip. They told me how to appeal it though, so that's what we decided to do.
So finals week at UVU I was also trying to appeal my expulsion from BYUI. It was a crazy week, but I passed my finals and was also reaccepted into BYUI. I remember that during my Chemistry and Biotech labs, my hands were so shaky that I thought for sure I was going to break something or blow something up!
We got through that though, and moved up to Rexburg and i
nto Kirsties (Davids older sister) sons room. Once we got up there though, we noticed that we still didn't have our financial aid. By the way- this was one week into the summer semester at BYUI. Our semesters between Utah and Idaho overlapped by a week, but all my professors had let me stay in the class and I was trying to keep up. But so before going to our classes, we went to Financial Aid to figure out what was up, because we needed to pay bills. Once we got there we had another turn of events! They told us that because the semesters overlapped between the Utah schools and BYUI, we were not eligible for financial aid. The tears started again. When we came up the previous weekend, we even talked to the Manager of the financial aid office to make sure everything was okay and he assured us it was.
We were able to do more appeals and take out some loans and they gave us some grants, but after losing 7 grand in pell grants (I get the smart grant too) there was no way for us to live and go to school full time. This also meant that I couldn't graduate that semester, I needed 17 credits to do that.
So......... we decided to just chill out and go to school part time for summer! We took an online class and a second block class, and got the heck out of Rexburg for 2 weeks!
We actually ended up having a great summer. David also finally gave me the go ahead in April to start trying for a baby!
We needed a vacation after everything that happened, and Davids dad had some work for him, which turned out to be a HUGE blessing and got us through our summer bills.
While in California, we went to Disneyland a few times
, spent time with his folks, went to see mine, and I went to my first professional baseball game! It was the Padres vs. the Giants (we are giants fans) and Davids parents got us seats right behind the giants dugout! We were so close that I could see the players facial expressions! And we of course got hot dogs and nachos and caramel popcorn and soda and every other food I could think of! What a great night!

And while we were at Disneyland, for the first time in my entire life I got nauseous from the rides. This gave us the suspicion that I was pregnant, but when we took a test it said I wasn't. Sad day! (for now). We were originally only supposed to be in Cali for a week, but the work with Davids dad-Bob- took longer, and Best Buy couldn't train him for another week, so we got to stay longer!

May was a great month! We found out that we were pregnant! Everyone in Davids family came to Rexburg for memorial day weekend, and we told them all. I would rather have waited, but I had already told Kirstie and my Mom and I didn't want anyone to feel bad about not being told before someone else. Also, I was so excited that it would have been too hard to keep it a secret anyway.

Okay well heres the first installment of the year, and I will finish it in a few!