Thursday, January 6, 2011

January-May 2010

Okay, so this is sooo long overdue! I can't even remember the last time I made a good update! So much happened in 2010 that I didn't write about, so I'm just gonna write about everything!

In January we were living in Orem, UT. David started school at BYU Provo, and I was at UVU. He was working at Trade Home shoes in the mall, and I was working at the hospital in the OR as a tech/orderly.
In February, Davids Grandma Mayfield died. We took a few days off of school and drove up to Northern California for the funeral. It was a great service, and even though I never got to meet her, I could tell by the way everyone talked about her that she was a great woman.
We were there for Valentines day and he surprised me good! He got me a red rose and Martinellis and chocolate donuts for breakfast! Haha he had to sneak out after I went to sleep on the 13th to surprise me, cause we were always
together. Then later that night he gave me a hilarious card with an ITunes gift card. He is so good at knowing exactly what to get me.
March was busy with school and getting everything ready to go to BYU-Idaho for the summer, so I could graduate.We also took a trip to California to surprise my mother-in-law for her birthday. It was a great trip, we went to Disneyland!

April was a horribly stressful month that I don't even wanna write about, but I will do the short version. The week before finals, we went down to Rexburg to make sure everything was in order for school, and for Davids Best Buy interview. We found out that weekend that I had been kicked out of school! I took off the January semester, so David could be at BYU provo and I could finish at UVU, but did not fill out the right paperwork apparently. I had called the school but was given false information. So I was registered for all the summer classes, had turned in the financial aid paperwork, and then the week before school they decide I am no longer a student?! I was so angry and couldn't stop crying during that trip. They told me how to appeal it though, so that's what we decided to do.
So finals week at UVU I was also trying to appeal my expulsion from BYUI. It was a crazy week, but I passed my finals and was also reaccepted into BYUI. I remember that during my Chemistry and Biotech labs, my hands were so shaky that I thought for sure I was going to break something or blow something up!
We got through that though, and moved up to Rexburg and i
nto Kirsties (Davids older sister) sons room. Once we got up there though, we noticed that we still didn't have our financial aid. By the way- this was one week into the summer semester at BYUI. Our semesters between Utah and Idaho overlapped by a week, but all my professors had let me stay in the class and I was trying to keep up. But so before going to our classes, we went to Financial Aid to figure out what was up, because we needed to pay bills. Once we got there we had another turn of events! They told us that because the semesters overlapped between the Utah schools and BYUI, we were not eligible for financial aid. The tears started again. When we came up the previous weekend, we even talked to the Manager of the financial aid office to make sure everything was okay and he assured us it was.
We were able to do more appeals and take out some loans and they gave us some grants, but after losing 7 grand in pell grants (I get the smart grant too) there was no way for us to live and go to school full time. This also meant that I couldn't graduate that semester, I needed 17 credits to do that.
So......... we decided to just chill out and go to school part time for summer! We took an online class and a second block class, and got the heck out of Rexburg for 2 weeks!
We actually ended up having a great summer. David also finally gave me the go ahead in April to start trying for a baby!
We needed a vacation after everything that happened, and Davids dad had some work for him, which turned out to be a HUGE blessing and got us through our summer bills.
While in California, we went to Disneyland a few times
, spent time with his folks, went to see mine, and I went to my first professional baseball game! It was the Padres vs. the Giants (we are giants fans) and Davids parents got us seats right behind the giants dugout! We were so close that I could see the players facial expressions! And we of course got hot dogs and nachos and caramel popcorn and soda and every other food I could think of! What a great night!

And while we were at Disneyland, for the first time in my entire life I got nauseous from the rides. This gave us the suspicion that I was pregnant, but when we took a test it said I wasn't. Sad day! (for now). We were originally only supposed to be in Cali for a week, but the work with Davids dad-Bob- took longer, and Best Buy couldn't train him for another week, so we got to stay longer!

May was a great month! We found out that we were pregnant! Everyone in Davids family came to Rexburg for memorial day weekend, and we told them all. I would rather have waited, but I had already told Kirstie and my Mom and I didn't want anyone to feel bad about not being told before someone else. Also, I was so excited that it would have been too hard to keep it a secret anyway.

Okay well heres the first installment of the year, and I will finish it in a few!

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