Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lander Wyoming

We went to visit Davids grandpa last weekend, and we had a blast! When we got there, it was pretty late. But we stayed up and talked a little. Gratton and I went to bed, and David and his grandpa stayed up watching the Giants game. The next morning we had oatmeal for breakfast. Davids grandpa kept insisting that I add more half and half to it. It made it creamier, but then I kept having to add more sugar. He's a funny guy. Then we went out to a spot where we could feed these huge trout! It was only a quarter for a huge handful of food. It was awesome. Gratton liked throwing the food. He only got it out to the fish once, but he thought every throw landed in the water, and that's all that matters really! Then he got bored of the fish and wanted to figure out how the food machine worked. People would come use the machine, and he would show them how it worked. Or how he thought it worked! Then we went to see the sinks, and that was fun. There was a little museum with animals (stuffed of course), which we loved! Gratton kept saying "bear" and "hawk". It was cute to see David taking him around and showing him the animals, and teaching him how to say the names. He is such a good Dad. There were fossils, and displays where you could guess what the fossil was. There was also a display of skulls that was so awesome! They had an area where kids could touch skulls and owl wings, and stuff like that. Gratton liked that a lot, and so did I. It was really fun! Then Grandpa Crook took us to KFC, where they had a buffet! I have never been to a KFC buffet, so that was amazing. We ate tons! And they had food I could eat too, which was amazing. Gratton liked the food, but didn't like how long it took us to eat. David and I had to take turns taking Gratton on walks around the building so that he wouldn't bug all the old people inside. Grandpa Crook seemed to know everyone in town! He's popular ;-) Then Grandpa took us to the grocery store so that Gratton could get some bananas. You see, on the car ride to the trout, I was feeding Gratton fruit snacks. They were Motts fruit snacks, so there were banana flavored ones. I said something about it, and then Gratton got all excited and wanted a banana. He kept saying nana, nana, nana! I told him we didn't have any, but he started saying please and then cried for a minute. Well grandpa remembered, and so he bought him some. The next day we went to church and it was fun. It was the first time Gratton sat all the way through the sacrament meeting! Woo! But then he got bored for the last two hours. He wouldn't go to nursery or to our classes. So I followed him around and let David go to his classes. For the second hour of church, we walked around the building outside. Gratton had fun walking through the bushes. I think he thought he was in a forest or something. He was having a lot of fun, and kept roaring! Haha it was funny. He also kept picking flowers and throwing them, and then stomping on them. He is such a boy. He saw a big daddy long leg spider, and chased it. He got sad when it got away. He seems to love bugs. During the third hour of church, he ran around the sacrament room. There was another Mom in there too with her son Jackson, who was 18 months. He couldn't quite do the same things Gratton could, so Gratton was teaching him. Like they couldn't get up onto the piano bench, so Gratton brought over the step stool from the pulpit, so they could climb from one to the other. The other Mom was saying that her son didn't know that he could move things to climb from one to another. Unfortunately though, Gratton taught him how! He also figured out how to move the pulpit up and down, and turn on the sound system. I don't even know what he did, but all of a sudden there was a ladies voice blaring on the sound system. I quickly figured out how to turn it off, but then I had to keep making sure he didn't do it again. He is such a crazy kid. Present time- He just brought me 4 unopened packs of fruit snacks. I guess he wants me to open them haha Here are some pictures from the trip. I just realized though that we didn't take ANY with Grandpa crook! We suck at taking pictures... This is Gratton sleeping on the drive. He's so cute!

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  1. I love the pictures. Glad you guys had a good time visiting Grandpa. I can't believe Gratton can say so many words. We need to Skype soon!