Friday, May 22, 2015

"That's okay Kahlan!"

I'm in my room and Grat and Kahlan are in the front room watching My Little Ponies. The show stopped and Kahlan said "uhoh!" and Gratton said "that's okay Kahlan, its just loading that happens sometimes because of the internet." Kahlan sighed and said, "ohhh." It's so adorable hearing him teach her things... It's the little things in life!

No Pos-icles!

Kahlan is very into two things right now- popsicles and baby dolls. When she asks for a popsicle at breakfast time, or after she's already had one, naturally I tell her no. So her cousin gave her a baby doll that eats an ice cream cone. This morning, she was talking to her dolly in a tone that sounded vaguely similar to my own. I got closer, so I could hear what she was saying, and had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing. She was telling her baby, "no pos-icles honey. No no." I love this girl!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tidbits from today

Today I asked Gratton to tell me 3 things he was thankful for. He said, "his hat, his diamond sword and his sack boy (a toy I made him)."
Kahlan said I love you tonight for the first time! She kept saying, "mom" and when I said what, she'd day "I love you". She did it over and over. I love her.
Kahlan and I played dolls tonight. She wanted to wrap them up and put them to bed. She had me get her pillow out of her bed, and she laid them on the pillow and tucked them in with her purple blanket. Then she would say, "go to sleep".
We watched interstellar with Jonny for his last night here. Gratton Watched it with us but Jonny fell asleep haha. It was a good movie, and today was a good day.
I had awful back pain today and blood in my urine again. That's actually good though, because today was the day of my ct scan. And it needs to be done while there's blood in my urine, or it's worthless. Because to confirm Dr Rahims diagnosis, he needs to know if there are kidney stones along with the hematuria. If there's not (which there usually isn't) then it's what he thinks- hematuria flank pain syndrome. I got a ct scan last year but he insisted on another one, because he said it's a very rare condition. In his clinic of 9,000 there are only 2 patients with it, and only a few hundred world wide. So that will be interesting to find out what it ends up being. Luckily Dr Rahim is literally a genius. He and his brother are crazy smart nephrologists. I'm glad they somehow ended up in Idaho.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Grat Finds a Loophole

Gratton and David play video games together, it's their thing. Gratton is really good! He doesn't usually like me to play with him because he says I just waste his lives. He and David beat the game Little Big Planet 3, but Gratton wants to beat it without dying. There are prizes you get, for beating the level without losing any lives. Sadly, the game glitches quite a bit! So David has gotten to the last part of the game without dying and then the game freezes or something, and he dies. Anyone who knows David knows that this causes a rant about game glitches and how it cheated him and yadda yadda. So David told Gratton he needed a break from the game, because he wanted to take the disk and just throw it away. He's a rage gamer. Gratton kept asking him to try beating it again without dying, over and over, and it was driving David nuts. So he told Gratton not to ask him again, and that he would tell him when he was ready to try it again. About 20 minutes later, Gratton said, "Did you say you're ready yet?" David was like, "are you kidding me?! He found a Loophole! I'm not even mad. That's lawyer thinking right there Gratton. But that's pretty much the same as asking me to play, so you can't ask that question anymore either." This boy is too smart for his little four year old self.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Beautiful Dandelions

When David and I came home from our date tonight, Gratton had a whole bundle of dandelions that he picked for me. I've never seen such a beautiful bunch of dandelions. He said, do you love them mom?! I said of course! And he said, now our love is even stronger. I love my little boy. He's the sweetest thing in the whole world. I'm so lucky to be his mommy!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kahlan's pizza pie cafe party and Grattons Bedtime Stories

Today was a good day!  David and I both worked and Gratton and Kahlan were with Jonny. After work, we went to pizza pie cafe for a party for Kahlan. Her Grandma Mayfield was in town and so she threw Kahlan a little party together so that she could spoil her. 

Kahlan finally got close to her grandma on this trip! She is way more shy than Gratton was, and so not having her grand parents near by- she usually is barely warming up to them by the time they have to leave! This time she let her Grandma hold her and hug her, and hold her hand. 

We went to pizza pie cafe for her party, and also invited the Tietjans to come.

 Kahlan loved it. She ate three pieces of cake (one was someone else's) and even bit the candle! It was one of those big ones that was a number two. She chewed it up tho and once she realized that it wasn't good, she spit it out. So we know she at least does taste her food!

Her grandparents got her a bathing suit with matching sandals, and as soon as she opened the sandals, she immediately took her shoes off, so she could put the new ones on! It was adorable. She is lots like me. She even loves ranch dressing. She was licking it off of her plate at pizza pie cafe. She's so crazy, I love her!

Later tonight, I was doing laundry, so David put Gratton to bed. When I came in Grattons room to put clothes away, David was making up a story for him. It was adorable. I came back again later and this time, Gratton was telling the story, and David was the one asleep! I guess Minecraft stories are not the way to go. His little imagination went to work, and he took over the story and actually put David to sleep. I love my guys...

Easter Egg Hunt 2015

The Saturday before Easter, we went to a Easter Egg Hunt at the Teton Vu drive in. It was really fun. They had an optional breakfast that you could buy, and it was surprisingly tasty! The kids liked the Easter Egg Hunt too. It wasn't as busy as the normal one they have at Porter Park every year.

David helped watch Kahlan'e egg hunt, and I watched Grattons, since they were in different age groups. Kahlan fell during hers, so she didn't get as many as Gratton, but she was still really happy.