Sunday, May 10, 2015

Grat Finds a Loophole

Gratton and David play video games together, it's their thing. Gratton is really good! He doesn't usually like me to play with him because he says I just waste his lives. He and David beat the game Little Big Planet 3, but Gratton wants to beat it without dying. There are prizes you get, for beating the level without losing any lives. Sadly, the game glitches quite a bit! So David has gotten to the last part of the game without dying and then the game freezes or something, and he dies. Anyone who knows David knows that this causes a rant about game glitches and how it cheated him and yadda yadda. So David told Gratton he needed a break from the game, because he wanted to take the disk and just throw it away. He's a rage gamer. Gratton kept asking him to try beating it again without dying, over and over, and it was driving David nuts. So he told Gratton not to ask him again, and that he would tell him when he was ready to try it again. About 20 minutes later, Gratton said, "Did you say you're ready yet?" David was like, "are you kidding me?! He found a Loophole! I'm not even mad. That's lawyer thinking right there Gratton. But that's pretty much the same as asking me to play, so you can't ask that question anymore either." This boy is too smart for his little four year old self.

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