Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dragon in the Vents

Yesterday morning Gratton and I were downstairs with David, while he was ironing a shirt. All or a sudden the heater kicked on really loud. Gratton jumped and got scared because he was close to the vent. David started laughing and told Gratton that there was a Dragon in the vent. That got Gratton pretty scared for a second and then kind of excited. He started saying "Hagar", which is his word for Dragon, over and over again and growling really loud. All day long he kept going back to the vent to look for the dragon. He even showed his Aunt Alysa where the dragon was. The heater wasn't on, so Alysa told him the Dragon was sleeping, and Gratton went "SHH!" with his hand in front of his mouth. It was pretty stinking funny. Kids have great imaginations!