Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Decor Fail

I got some decorations for Halloween when Porters is having their 75% off of Halloween decoration sale. That's super cute decorations their butt they are very expensive, so I only buy their decorations during the sale.
One of the decorations I got was some skeletons in yoga poses. They're ceramic, but my kids haven't broken decorations for at least a year, so I thought I was good.
Well I found them broken and then ask my kids about it and they both started freaking out and saying they were so sorry. Once Gratton was calm enough to tell me what happened, I got the story.
He said they were battling with the skeletons and only one survived. I said, "and you just thought you could break my skeletons?" "No mom, I  thought they were WAY STRONGER THAN THAT!"

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gratton Knows More than David

David and I were talking about pokemon, and he started singing the dugtrio song, which reminded him of how Gratton taught him the right words to the song. Then he said.

"My son is correcting ME on pokemon?! Best day ever!!" In the voice of Rupunzel, from Tangled.