Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3rd, 2014

I wrote this on November 3rd but it looks like I never posted it!

Today was an eventful day. First I had a MRCP, which is a MRI with contrast, to see the pancreas and liver and the ducts leading to them. Well, I had a bad reaction to the contrast, and it made my kidneys hurt really bad. I was in so much pain, I had my husband call in sick for me, and my doctor gave me pain meds and told me to drink lots of clear fluids, to flush out the contrast. That helped a bit, along with staying in bed all day. Kahlan is very into drawing right now, especially on herself! She is covered in market right now.. Gratton had fun today playing his "buildy games" and was very happy I was home, even though I was in bed. He's such a good boy. I love that he just loves me unconditionally. Jonny has passed all the tutorials for his GED and is doing great on the practice tests. David is doing great at work. He started as  an intern there in March, and since then has gotten hired as a full time employee and already gotten a promotion from QA Engineer to a Junior Software Programmer. I'm so proud of him, and so glad that he's not only happy at work, but is also being rewarded for his hard work. We're buying a house, and should close on it next week. So basically life is going great. I'm still sick, but at least the things caused my by my autoimmune disease are finally doing better. The only problems I'm still having are from my pancreas. Hopefully though the ERCP which Dr Adler is going to do will help with the pancreas issues. So life is great and we love each other so much. The awesome family is still awesome!

Updates now that it's actually being posted- lol. Dr Adler decided I was still too high risk for the ERCP. Dr Hancock did more research though and found that in clinical trials, bile duct nerve (the sphincter of Odi) dysfunction can be treated with niphedipine- a drug usually used to treat high blood pressure. It's helped a bit, but has annoying side effects like swelling/water retention and making me feel dizzy. 

We didn't end up closing on the house until right before thanksgiving. That ended up being a longer and more stressful process than we thought it'd be! But the payoff has been worth it. God doesn't give you trials without happiness later.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

This Halloween was awesome. David's work- navex- had a Halloween party, complete with a haunted house. Gratton literally hid under David's desk, it was adorable. He puked while going trick or treating and so we took him to the Dr (he'd been sick a while and there isn't someone to take him while we're at work). Gratton walked right up to the front desk and said, "I'm sick and can't stop coughing and I need to know why!" Sheri at the front desk started laughing and told him that she would go get the Dr. He said thanks and went and sat down. As you can see, he's very independent!