Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rachel's 2014 Orchestra Concert

Today was a good day. It started with my sister in law Kirstie taking me to get a pain block procedure. One of the gi drs said before that my pain wasn't caused by organ problems, but by a muscular dystrophy disease. There's a procedure that the go Dr can do, if he would, an ercp, which they think could help my pain. So the pain Dr did said we could try the block and if it didn't work, it would prove that the pain was from my pancreas, not any muscle problems. Well I'm here report that it did not work. Though I wish it would've. 

Later that night was Rachel's Orchestra Concert. We took Kahlan but left Gratton home. I wasn't supposed to lift anything, and was still feeling awful from the procedure and if they both needed to be chased, David can only chase one. Kahlan tried running onto the stage before we got into our seats. She's not going to have stage fright!

Kahlan stayed entertained by smelling the flowers we got for Rachel. She was very excited by the music. We left after Rachel's performance though because she started getting fussy. Here are some pictures from the kids that night before I put them to bed.