Sunday, January 12, 2014

I came home from work last night at 6pm, to a very pleasant surprise! Gratton decided randomly and on his own, that he wanted to share his toys with Kahlan, and wanted her to play in his "house" with him! I couldn't believe it! He also kicked David and I out of the room, because he wanted to play with just his sister. So he told us to "go outside!" Now I don't typically let my toddler boss me around, but I was so surprised and curious that I laughed, threw my hands up and walked out of the room as he closed the door behind me. I stayed close by the door to listen, in case this was all a trick to make his little sister cry without any interruption. However, nothing of the sort happened! They were just laughing and playing, and Gratton even told David, "Papa Santa (he thinks his Grandpa Mayfield is Santa)gave me lots of toys, so I can share with Kahlan. Also guys, the way he says Kahlan is adorable! So David took a picture of them plau