Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kahlan's pizza pie cafe party and Grattons Bedtime Stories

Today was a good day!  David and I both worked and Gratton and Kahlan were with Jonny. After work, we went to pizza pie cafe for a party for Kahlan. Her Grandma Mayfield was in town and so she threw Kahlan a little party together so that she could spoil her. 

Kahlan finally got close to her grandma on this trip! She is way more shy than Gratton was, and so not having her grand parents near by- she usually is barely warming up to them by the time they have to leave! This time she let her Grandma hold her and hug her, and hold her hand. 

We went to pizza pie cafe for her party, and also invited the Tietjans to come.

 Kahlan loved it. She ate three pieces of cake (one was someone else's) and even bit the candle! It was one of those big ones that was a number two. She chewed it up tho and once she realized that it wasn't good, she spit it out. So we know she at least does taste her food!

Her grandparents got her a bathing suit with matching sandals, and as soon as she opened the sandals, she immediately took her shoes off, so she could put the new ones on! It was adorable. She is lots like me. She even loves ranch dressing. She was licking it off of her plate at pizza pie cafe. She's so crazy, I love her!

Later tonight, I was doing laundry, so David put Gratton to bed. When I came in Grattons room to put clothes away, David was making up a story for him. It was adorable. I came back again later and this time, Gratton was telling the story, and David was the one asleep! I guess Minecraft stories are not the way to go. His little imagination went to work, and he took over the story and actually put David to sleep. I love my guys...

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