Friday, May 15, 2015

Tidbits from today

Today I asked Gratton to tell me 3 things he was thankful for. He said, "his hat, his diamond sword and his sack boy (a toy I made him)."
Kahlan said I love you tonight for the first time! She kept saying, "mom" and when I said what, she'd day "I love you". She did it over and over. I love her.
Kahlan and I played dolls tonight. She wanted to wrap them up and put them to bed. She had me get her pillow out of her bed, and she laid them on the pillow and tucked them in with her purple blanket. Then she would say, "go to sleep".
We watched interstellar with Jonny for his last night here. Gratton Watched it with us but Jonny fell asleep haha. It was a good movie, and today was a good day.
I had awful back pain today and blood in my urine again. That's actually good though, because today was the day of my ct scan. And it needs to be done while there's blood in my urine, or it's worthless. Because to confirm Dr Rahims diagnosis, he needs to know if there are kidney stones along with the hematuria. If there's not (which there usually isn't) then it's what he thinks- hematuria flank pain syndrome. I got a ct scan last year but he insisted on another one, because he said it's a very rare condition. In his clinic of 9,000 there are only 2 patients with it, and only a few hundred world wide. So that will be interesting to find out what it ends up being. Luckily Dr Rahim is literally a genius. He and his brother are crazy smart nephrologists. I'm glad they somehow ended up in Idaho.

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