Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby updates

So I haven't been having any contractions lately and next Friday I get to stop taking the contraction meds! The doc said though that it looks like I might actually go full term, so I haven't been staying in bed lately. I've been doing more stuff and it feels great! I am not good at staying still and not doing stuff.

I was at motherhood maternity today, just kinda dinkin around and wasting time until David got off work, and I found the coolest thing! It's a Graco prenatal heart listener. It is so so cool, I wish I would have found it sooner! You can hear the baby's heartbeat (when you can find it), and just him moving around and stuff. You can record it onto your computer, so I'm gonna figure out how to do that too.

David and I are so excited and ready for this baby to come! We just can't wait. The doctor said last week that he was about 5 1/2 pounds. So if I go full term, which he said I should, we are gonna have a pretty big baby, since I'm not due till Feb 5th! He moves around so so much the last few days, and there is not much room in there. It's actually really painful now when he moves! But it is cool when I can feel his foot. I poke at him and he squirms around, it is pretty fun.

Well I will keep you updated! 3 1/2 weeks more at the most! They said they will induce me at 40 weeks if he isn't here yet, and I'm 36 1/2 right now! 37 weeks on Saturday! Speaking of Saturday, Sat is my baby shower, don't forget to come!

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