Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break, woo!!!!

So David woke up this morning at 7am for his class, and asked if I was going to make him breakfast. Shocked I exclaimed, "it's my spring break! I'm staying in bed all day!" And so I did, until 11 am..... And I've been lazy ever since. Sure I could do homework, sure I could clean, but it's spring break! I don't have to do anything :) Well until I get to go to work tonight.... But that's just so I can make money and go buy New Moon on Friday night at midnight. Anyone else gonna go buy it? I haven't even seen it yet because David hates it so much. However, he did not think it through. Because I have not seen it in theaters, I am going to buy it and he will have to watch it over and over again AT HOME! ON HIS BEAUTIFUL TV NONETHELESS! I love life this week :)
Also, I got David to go to the gym with me yesterday! And I am going again today. However, unfortunately I also ate a twinkie today and yesterday.... Oh well, one issue at a time! Today gym, nutrition, well later?

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