Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two Year Anniversary!

Yesterday was our two year anniversary, and it was awesome! First David made me breakfast. I was going to make him breakfast, but he beat me to it! Gratton wanted my food of course, and ate about half of my eggs haha. Then I went to school and he went to work. After school I had ballet. When I got home he gave me my card and surprise! Inside the card was a printed out picture of a "Hawaii hotel room". We're gonna go to Hawaii! Haha not real Hawaii, but in Idaho Falls there is a hotel called Destination Inn, and we're gonna have a little getaway next week! Wahoo!! He put a lot of thought into this year, and it made me happy! He also had a vase of flowers for me when he came home from work! Also, we went to Wingers for dinner. We were going to go see a movie too-Contagion- but I got sick and had to go home. Blasted stomach.... Anyway

David is so sweet :) I love him so much. We have a cute little family, well not so little- there are five of us because we are taking care of my brothers. We have sooo much fun though! We went to the straw maze twice already this year, and we've already decorated for Halloween and carved our first batch of pumpkins. We've also been watching a whole lot of scary movies for the month of October. Fun stuff :) David has been working a lot though, he is working two jobs. So most of the time I'm just hanging out with my little guy and brothers and sister. But I would much rather have a husband who works two jobs than no jobs. He takes care of us. Anyway, just wanted to tell everyone how awesome yesterday was! Love you guys tons, ttyl!

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