Thursday, January 19, 2012

They grow up so fast...

So my little boy turns one next week! I can't even believe it.... He has been walking for some time now, and he has a total of seven teeth now! He is too smart for his own good, and I can barely keep up with the kid!!
He took his first steps on November 3, 2011. By Christmas he was walking like a champ!! And he has a new obsession with spoons!! He loves them. Wood ones are his favorite, but he will also take plastic or metal. So when he has his spoon and he gets excited, clear the way because he tends to get a little crazy with the waving of his arms!!

Every time I cook he takes my spoon or whatever I'm using to tend to the meal, and he tries pushing the food around. Future chef? Maybe!

When I load the dishwasher he likes to "help". I use the word loosely though, because he likes to take out the dishes, esp the dirty ones.

He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Don't tell him, but I got him the series soundtrack for his birthday! We will have fun dancing to it! I also got some fabric to make him a Mickey Mouse blankey. Thank goodness for Jo-Anns amazing sales!

He likes all Disney Movies, esp when the songs come on. I would like it more if he had a longer attention span, but eh what can ya do! He's still a little guy! And he does have a longer span than most.

He has this new thing he does when Mom makes him take naps.. He takes off his socks and pants and throws them out of his crib. Why? The kid likes his nakey time...

He is learning to take advantage of the fact that Mom and Dad and even his uncles feel bad when they try to put him to bed and he cries. It makes me feel bad for 5 minutes, but then when he's asleep I know I've done the right thing. However, if I'm out at a Mary Kay party, the boys don't let him cry and when I come home he will still be awake with a big grin on his face, even though he is walking like he's drunk. He is really just such a character!!! I love him so much! Happy Birthday buddy!!


  1. He just gets cuter every single day! You really need to work on those uncles spoiling

  2. Lol yeah he is a very loved child!