Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Bowling Night

Yesterday Gratton and I went to take David dinner at work and we ended up having quite the adventure! We found David and warmed up the food, and then we ate. When Grat was done, he wanted to draw on the white boards (David was in a computer lab room that had big white boards). We drew some shapes and letters and scribbled out the calculus mumbo jumbo that was on the board (they guys said they were done with it). Then Davids friend asked us if we wanted to bowl with them in their league thing. It's a 3 week thing and there was 2 weeks left, and we thought that sounded pretty fun so of course we agreed. So we told grat it was time to go. He started erasing the board in a super cute way! Each time he erased a letter or shape he said bye to it- "bye Q, bye B, bye I, bye star, bye circle." It was so adorable and all the guys in the lab were impressed that he was saying the right letters, since he's barely 2. What can I say, my kids smart! I made sure I married good genes! Haha Then we went to bowl. The bowling alley is on campus, which is awesome because it's super cheap. Gratton loves bowling. He likes to roll the ball himself and he gets so excited when it gets to the end of the lane. I don't think he even cares or notices yet if he hits pins! He especially loves clapping for everyone as they take their turns. When David went he would clap and say "Go Dada go!" So cute! Gratton and I shared a turn and we bowled a 59, which is not bad for us! I even got a strike! Anyway that was our family night and it was super fun!

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