Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve

Jonny to Kahlan- "Do you wanna have cat for Thanksgiving?!"
Kahlan- "WHAT THE?!"
Seeing your kids develop their personalities is so awesome!
Gratton tonight wanted to help me clean and brine the Turkey. He said it was gross though, and he WAS NOT eating it tomorrow!

Last night, Gratton spent the night at his Uncle Bill and Aunt Kirstie's house. He stayed all day long today, and played with his cousins. It is crazy to me that he is old enough to spend the night away from home, and not be scared. When he came home, he gave me the biggest hug and said, "Did you miss me so so much?!" I assured him that I did, and he grinned so big.

Gratton and I spent about an hour before he went to bed, reading lots of books. He loves to read. Tonight, we started a book that is too long to finish in one night. He was very concerned about what we would do because it was too long to finish. I then taught him about bookmarks, and he was excited. It's crazy how such little things can make you feel so much love and gratitude for life. I am so grateful for my little Gratton. He is such an amazing spirit, and I can't believe we were trusted to raise and teach him. I definitely am enjoying every moment of it.

Kahlan and I had the whole day together, since Gratton was at his cousins. We did a lot of painting, and danced, and I let her play in tap shoes for the first time. I am going to start teaching her some technique classes, because she loves dancing. We went to see David at lunch, and went to Burger King. Then my little buddy and I went shopping at DI. We found some great clothes for Gratton, and a pair of nice hiking like shoes for Kahlan.

Gratton and Kahlan both have been very into Scooby Doo. Kahlan plays Monster games with Jonny. Today she "caught" him in a trap.

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