Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scary movies are scary.

I have been wanting to watch a scary movie forever, so we rented 1408 from netflix. We watched it. I am terrified now of hotels. They are going to eat me. I'm not tired, but David wants to go to bed. Probably just because I'm scared, cause he never sleeps but all of a sudden he's tired? Fishy.... It was a good movie though. Scary as crap, but it had a good ending. But it was scary, did I mention that? I don't wanna stop typing because it is helping me not be so scared. I hate scary movies. But then I always want to watch them? It's like twinkies. Nobody likes being fat, but we all love twinkies. And McDonalds. And taco hell. And wendys. And in and out. And exercise. See, people are silly.


  1. Oooh, I will have to rent that movie.I love scary movies, until the movie ends and then I have to look around the corners and leave the lights on! haha Did I mention I love reading your blog? You are hilarious and I love getting a glimpse into the life of Mr and Mrs Awesome!

  2. haha thanks kirstie! i love reading your blog too. And yeah, thats the thing- i love scary movies until im watching them too!

  3. Sonja! I hate scary movies too! I did watch 1408 a while back and scared me to death! I will never watch it again. Hope u are not scared anymore! Loves, Chels