Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty fun day. Woke up with gratton like almost every hour the night before. So I pretty much got no sleep. Then David went to school. I got Grat ready for the day and Kirstie watched him so I could go to campus.

Amazingly, while I was in the advising line (which, turns out I didn't need to be there) I met a girl who was in Davids calculus class. David has been needing a study group for that class, and she said he could join their study group. That was a huge blessing. She was coming to talk to them about getting into PA school so I helped her with that too, since I used to be an advisor.

I made the cutest headband thingy!! It is adorable.

Gratton started having spit bubbles yesterday. It was sooo cute. And he laughed a lot. He is getting so so big! Almost 5 months! 4 more days :)

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