Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gratty loves to eat!

So today Gratton has done some really funny things. He has a cold and hasn't been eating so much, but today he seems to have gotten his appetite back! I tried feeding him bananas, but he wouldn't eat them. I took him out of the saucer and forgot the bananas on the tray... Well I go back to the laundry and when I turn around he is standing at the tray, spooning bananas into his own mouth! I couldn't believe it! He is only 8 months old, but I'm pretty sure he thinks hes like 3.

Then I made dinner- steaks, mashed potatoes and green beans. I mashes up the beans and was feeding him the mashed potatoes when he got very frustrated; he wanted to feed himself. Well I finally decided to just let him have fun, and to clean it up later. It was awesome!! He was spooning the potatoes and beans into his mouth just like me and the boys were. It was crazy. The only thing he was doing wrong was holding the spoon sideways. Not bad for eight months old though.

He got pretty messy, so when he finished I took him to the sink to clean him up, and he sits down in the sink and tries to give himself a little shower. He takes showers with Dad, but HATES baths as much as a cat! It was sooo cute. My little boy is getting so big! Right now he is walking around pushing my pilates ball. Those things are pretty hard to balance on. He is growing up so fast. I saw a brand new baby at church, and I was like ahh I need a new one cause Grat isn't a baby anymore! Not yet, but hopefully sometime in the near future :)

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