Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our little piano player

I am taking a piano class this semester, and learning\ so much! I can read music now, and can play a lot of songs out of the easy to read hymn book. I called my Mom's bf to ask how to know what kind of keyboard to buy (to practice with) and instead of ME buying a crappy keyboard (which I was still really excited about], he ended up buying me a real piano! I love it! It sounds so much better than what we play on in class, and it's in my house, so I can play it whenever I want!

Well Gratton loves playing the piano. He sits on the bench and looks at the sheet music like he is reading music! It is the most adorable thing I have EVER seen!

Also, thanks again Steve for the piano. He told my Mom I deserved it. Whether or not I did, that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Thanks Steve, you are amazing!


  1. Where the picture? lol That was EXTREMELY nice of Steve.Have fun playing!

  2. Pictures?? That was nice of Steve and you do deserve something nice! I can't wait to hear you play (and Grat:) )

  3. Lol my camera on my phone is broken, and the memory card in our camera is full. There will be pics eventually though!