Friday, August 10, 2012

Uncle Josh

We are here visiting family in California, and I wanted to dedicate a special post to my brother Joshua! He worked extra special to spoil Gratton! Not that everyone else hasn't too. But anyways. On with the story. Josh had picked up this adorable ship picture, and a book- Are you my mother- before we even got to California. He was thinking of Gratton before he even met him. And then he went to the store and bought Gratton some toys and candy. I may or may not have eaten the candy myself.I did give gratton the fruit snacks, but I'm a sucker for pop rocks! Gratton is still loving the toys though! He got him some water guns and little toy animals. The animals are perfect because at home he has the Noah's Ark ship that I got from DI, but he has no animals for it! Josh also got him some sidewalk chalk that I'm going to let him use today when we go back to my Moms house in Lancaster. My brother Joshua Boyd Bailey and I are four years apart. He got his middle name from my Dad- Wendell Boyd Bailey. Growing up I always wanted to name one of my sons Boyd, because I loved the name and my brother and Dad. I don't think I've ever mentioned that to David though. Josh was born on April 8, 1986 in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Now that I think of it, I didn't even realize my parents ever lived there. But I know that they must have because I remember where Josh was born because we talked about it so much when we were kids. We would get confused about whether he could be president or not because he wasn't born in California. Shows how much we love California huh? No, we just always got confused between the difference of States and Countries. Josh was always a good story teller, ever since we were kids. We would wake up and tell Joey stories that weren't true, and scare the living poo out of him! Poor Joey. We weren't so nice to him when he was really little. He always told on us when we did stuff we weren't supposed to- like walking to 7-11 when our grandparents were supposed to be watching us, but they were really just watching Soap Operas! He couldn't lie, so when he was questioned it would all just come out! Josh and I were like best friends until we moved to Lancaster. Then he started doing the big kid stuff that most big brothers do, so that we little sisters don't have to be the ones to make those mistakes haha. He still always stuck up for me though, and told his friends that he would kill them if they ever came near me. Good guy cause I always thought his friends were so cute. So it's better that they were terrified of coming near me! Then Josh went all strait arrow and joined the Army. He was in computer network security or some smart guy stuff like that. He was stationed in Korea for most of his tour, and then in Washington. Now he is back in California and working on school. Anyways, love ya Josh!

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