Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kahlan Isobel Mayfield

So Kahlan is now seven months old, has two teeth, crawls all over the house, and I still haven't done a blog post about her being born! So I'm gonna get on that. I tell ya though, having two is busy! And that is why this is so late!

So Kahlan was born on April 23, 2013. We were scheduled to be induced on the 23rd, but I went into labor the night before. She wanted to be on her own schedule I guess!

You don't need details about her actually being born. If your parents still haven't had that talk with you, well... There's no hope for you anyways!

I will say- epidurals all the way, and modern medicine is amazing. We had great nurses, a great Dr- Dr Jones from Teton Medical, and my Mother in law was there taking care of Gratton for two weeks. That by itself was the biggest help. Thank you Merle!

When she was born, David and I were instantly in love. She was gorgeous! She had dark curly hair with bright blue eyes, and weighed 6 lbs and 4 oz.

We were very shocked when we learned that she was a sleeper! She just loved to sleep! Which was great because I love to sleep too. She is definitely MY GIRL! She is also an eater, just like me. And she shops like a champ! I daresay she could even make it through a day of shopping with Joyce Kew! That's how patient this girl is.

She loves music too. Anytime music is on she perks up and starts dancing and bouncing around. She really likes Lindsey Sterling's violin music, it makes her happy! I think we definitely have an artistic girl on our hands!

So far she is in the 95% for height and 40th for weight. So if she keeps up this way, the Dr says she will be very tall and skinny. That would be my Mom's genes! She's seven months old and the clothes she's wearing/currently growing out of are 12-18 months!

Kahlan has the happiest temperament. She is always smiling and laughing and is just a joy to everyone around. She just brightens up every room she is in.

Kahlan loves her brother Gratton so much. She thinks everything he does is hilarious, and always wants to play with him. He thinks it's gross when she gets too close though, because she is a slobbering machine. And he's not wrong! You look down and your whole arm is wet! And that's not just when she's teething! She just always has her mouth open with a great big smile, and a big stream of drool follows!

When I'm not at work, I change Kahlans outfits about 3 times a day. She is my real live baby doll, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE dressing her up! I esp love accessorizing her outfits! David is even getting better at making her outfits match, and he makes suggestions for me to try with her hairstyles. He likes her to look cute just as much as I do!

The only thing Kahlan doesn't like are shoes. She likes to take off her shoes though and suck on them. She doesn't like them on her feet though, which is a bummer cause there are some dang cute shoes out there!

I am shocked every morning though about how well Kahlan sits still and let's me put in her pony tails and bows. She sits patiently and doesn't move until I'm done! And sometimes when I take out an outfit that is sparkly, I swear she gets excited about it!  She starts waving her arms around and giggling. We are going to have SO much fun shopping as she grows up. I can just feel it!

If you sing to Kahlan, she just stares at you like she's in aww. It's the most precious thing...

Her hair has stayed dark, and her eyes are still very bright blue. She has my Mom's olive skin tone, and David's ears. I'm not sure she looks much like me, but that's okay because she's gorgeous!

When my sister in law Kirstie is holding her, she looks way more like her daughter than mine! But that's okay because I told Kirstie we can share Kahlan. She is pretty much half her daughter, she's been watching her so much while I've been working. Kahlan doesn't like EVERYONE right now, she's in the stranger danger phase. She loves her aunt Kirstie though, and doesn't even flinch when I hand her over to Kirstie. That is such a blessing because with David in school and me working, we have needed help with babysitting. Lately though with other people besides Kirstie, all someone has to do is look at her and she bursts into tears! It's funny and sad at the same time. But that's a healthy sign of development! I know from my child development class haha!

So in summary- we had our second baby and couldn't be happier. David and I both love children, but we do know that we are done having kids. I have a few autoimmune diseases that make pregnancy dangerous for me, which is why we had our second baby when we did, because it was the safest time for my body. David loves me though and wants our kids to have a mom, and so do I, so our little family is complete! I'm so grateful for the advisement and monitoring of my Dr this pregnancy, and that he put my health and my daughter's health on equal ground and kept us both healthy and safe!

It was a very hard nine months and David literally waited on me hand and foot the entire pregnancy. I don't know how he did it with a full time school load and working and taking care of gratton every time he was home, but he did and I am so thankful for that.

Now things are finally settling down. My Dr has my immune system suppressed at the moment and I'm feeling better than I have in a very long time. My little sister Natalie just moved in two days ago, and she's been cleaning my house non-stop! My brother Jonny lives here with us too, and he's working a part time job and doing great in high school. I'm so proud of him.  My husband is doing great still in school and I'm almost done with my M.B.A. in healthcare administration. I'm working at the hospital as an admitting clerk and I love it. I love being a Mom, but having work has helped my health get better. It's a lot less stressful than being at home full time, and that lower stress level helps autoimmune diseases. So if I'm at work and David is at school, the kids are at their Aunt Kirsties! And they sure love it there. Gratton always still wants to go play at their house even when I've got the day off. Having her and her family here in Rexburg, willing to watch our kids for absolutely nothing in return has been the most amazing blessing we could have ever asked for. Everything is just so perfect right now, and I know it's all thanks to the blessings we get from God and I'm so thankful for every one of those blessings!

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