Monday, March 30, 2015

Mon March 30,2015

The nights that the kids don't wake us up are also the nights I can't sleep. Also, why does my side  pain (from my pancreas) have to happen at night too? Maybe if I stop eating and drinking at five pm, then I can sleep without pain. I'm looking forward to the celiac bundle block on April 7th. They say that should numb all organ pain for a few months. So then I'll just have to go in every few months for the rest of my life, no biggie.. Good thing my husband picked a job out that will give us the ability to be able to do this. He didn't know when he married me that I'd be chronically ill, but he's handled it better than some who do know before hand. I'm glad he can be so patient with me, the kids, my brother (who lives with us) and God, while we're in the midst of this awful trial. It's not easy but he lets me rest, cry and even whine when I need to. David Mayfield is a good man.

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