Monday, November 23, 2015

Kahlan Plays Salon, Gratton Plays Art Connoisseur

So last night, Kahlan sat on the top of the couch behind me, brushing my hair. While she was doing it, she kept saying things like, "Sorry it hurts, you have sticky food in your hair." She was saying everything I say while doing her hair. It was so funny. She loves being just like me. She helps me with the dishes, and follows me with the dry microfiber mop, while I mop. The mopping actually helps, because she dries it as I go! A few minutes later, David and I were cuddling while watching TV with the kids. Kahlan said, "Mom! Let go of my Dad! Don't hurt my Dad!" Then  she came and moved me away from her Daddy. She's a protective little thing, and loves her daddy!

Today, Jonny pointed out an area on the ceiling that we needed to paint. Kahlan said it was disgusting, and Gratton said, "No, its a masterpiece! It looks like a cow that got pooped on, and is missing it's right leg." It was a very gross, and yet specific description." Out of the two of our kids, I think Kahlan might be the one with an eye for art...

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