Monday, April 4, 2016

In Minnesota to see Dr Amateau- Part 1

We got to Minnesota safe and sound. I got really sick on the first plane ride, so they got me a wheel chair cause I was so weak.  That's the way to go though, because then we got to board the second plane first, and got the first row seats with leg room.
The hotel is awesome and the city is really nice. I'm glad we chose this hotel because it's near everything, and then they also have a shuttle that will take you anywhere. So that saves tons of money, not needing taxi's.
I haven't seen the doctor yet. I had scans scheduled for today, that he knew he wanted, so that he could read them at my appointment tomorrow. Since we came up from Idaho, he wanted to be able to get as much out of the appointment as possible.
However,  at the last minute my insurance decided they wouldn't pay for it without talking to the doctor for a peer-to-peer consult. But the Doctor can't talk to them until after he's seen me.
So today I'm just laying in bed sleeping. I wanted to be able to explore the city with David, but I'm way too weak. The flights yesterday really made me sick. I don't understand why. Maybe because of my blood disorder? I dunno.
On the first flight, my legs got really numb and kept falling asleep. And then my hand started hurting, and got really really hot and started swelling. After that flight, I took my evening dose of my blood thinner again and it started feeling a little bit better. I still feel really weak and dizzy when I get up though, and just so tired. And my left side hurts really bad too, the pancreas pain.
So David is out getting food for us, and I'm going to go to sleep. I'm so grateful that my sister-in-law Kirstie is watching our kids, so that we could be here and try to get some answers, and hopefully a plan to help me get better. And also thanks to my cousin Ryan and Suzy for taking us to the airport yesterday. I'll update again, after we see the doctor tomorrow.
After the first flight, waiting for the second one. 

On the first flight, before getting sick. We were trying to makethe best of a stinky situation, where we didn't get to sit together cause we boarded last  and it was open seating!  

The kids asleep at their Aunt Kirstie and Uncle Bills house. They sure love their aunt, uncle and cousins. Thanks for taking care of our squishies! See you soon guys! 

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