Sunday, May 15, 2016

Plane Number 2

The second plane, taking us from Seattle to Minnesota,  is much nicer than the first one. I really was worried that last one would fall apart mid flight. Before takeoff, the pilot said that we had to fly at a lower altitude due to maintenance issues, so the flight would take longer than expected. Due to the altitude and slower speed of the plane, we barely made our connection!

This plane though is much nicer, and makes up for the first one! There is even an outlet to charge your electronic devices! This is the first plane I've been on with that particular amenity.

Unfortunately, due to the connection being so rushed, we didn't get to eat dinner. I'm starving, and might even cave to these ridiculous airplane meal prices. I can't eat after midnight, due to my surgery in the morning, and we're supposed to land right before midnight, Minnesota time. Hopefully I'll catch some food either on the plane or at the airport!

The first flight was pretty awful. I was in lots of pain, the seats were uncomfortable, and someone sitting near us smelled bad. So far this flight is much better. Talk to you in Minnesota!

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