Monday, September 12, 2016

Dollar Store Steals

Were moving to Idaho Falls, so we're getting the house ready to sell. While prepping the house, I have discovered some amazing products at the dollar tree, that I never would have expected to work.

  • Magic eraser- it comes in a 2 pack. Having gone through many clean checks as an undergrad, and when renting houses, I'm a huge fan of magic erasers. These at the dollar tree worked just as well! I'm never buying them anywhere else again.
  • Painters tape. I've always hated how expensive painters tape is, when you need to use so much of it! Dollar store painters tape works just as well!
  • Drano- yup! Dollar store Drano works! I was amazed.
  • Plumber's snake- my husband said it worked really well.
  • Paint brush- it worked great. And since it was only $1, I threw it away instead of washing it out. After painting, i HATE cleaning out brushes. 

Who knew you could trust the dollar store for so much. If you don't like saving money, this isn't so exciting. Made my day though!

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