Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kahlan Isobel Mayfield

So Kahlan is now seven months old, has two teeth, crawls all over the house, and I still haven't done a blog post about her being born! So I'm gonna get on that. I tell ya though, having two is busy! And that is why this is so late!

So Kahlan was born on April 23, 2013. We were scheduled to be induced on the 23rd, but I went into labor the night before. She wanted to be on her own schedule I guess!

You don't need details about her actually being born. If your parents still haven't had that talk with you, well... There's no hope for you anyways!

I will say- epidurals all the way, and modern medicine is amazing. We had great nurses, a great Dr- Dr Jones from Teton Medical, and my Mother in law was there taking care of Gratton for two weeks. That by itself was the biggest help. Thank you Merle!

When she was born, David and I were instantly in love. She was gorgeous! She had dark curly hair with bright blue eyes, and weighed 6 lbs and 4 oz.

We were very shocked when we learned that she was a sleeper! She just loved to sleep! Which was great because I love to sleep too. She is definitely MY GIRL! She is also an eater, just like me. And she shops like a champ! I daresay she could even make it through a day of shopping with Joyce Kew! That's how patient this girl is.

She loves music too. Anytime music is on she perks up and starts dancing and bouncing around. She really likes Lindsey Sterling's violin music, it makes her happy! I think we definitely have an artistic girl on our hands!

So far she is in the 95% for height and 40th for weight. So if she keeps up this way, the Dr says she will be very tall and skinny. That would be my Mom's genes! She's seven months old and the clothes she's wearing/currently growing out of are 12-18 months!

Kahlan has the happiest temperament. She is always smiling and laughing and is just a joy to everyone around. She just brightens up every room she is in.

Kahlan loves her brother Gratton so much. She thinks everything he does is hilarious, and always wants to play with him. He thinks it's gross when she gets too close though, because she is a slobbering machine. And he's not wrong! You look down and your whole arm is wet! And that's not just when she's teething! She just always has her mouth open with a great big smile, and a big stream of drool follows!

When I'm not at work, I change Kahlans outfits about 3 times a day. She is my real live baby doll, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE dressing her up! I esp love accessorizing her outfits! David is even getting better at making her outfits match, and he makes suggestions for me to try with her hairstyles. He likes her to look cute just as much as I do!

The only thing Kahlan doesn't like are shoes. She likes to take off her shoes though and suck on them. She doesn't like them on her feet though, which is a bummer cause there are some dang cute shoes out there!

I am shocked every morning though about how well Kahlan sits still and let's me put in her pony tails and bows. She sits patiently and doesn't move until I'm done! And sometimes when I take out an outfit that is sparkly, I swear she gets excited about it!  She starts waving her arms around and giggling. We are going to have SO much fun shopping as she grows up. I can just feel it!

If you sing to Kahlan, she just stares at you like she's in aww. It's the most precious thing...

Her hair has stayed dark, and her eyes are still very bright blue. She has my Mom's olive skin tone, and David's ears. I'm not sure she looks much like me, but that's okay because she's gorgeous!

When my sister in law Kirstie is holding her, she looks way more like her daughter than mine! But that's okay because I told Kirstie we can share Kahlan. She is pretty much half her daughter, she's been watching her so much while I've been working. Kahlan doesn't like EVERYONE right now, she's in the stranger danger phase. She loves her aunt Kirstie though, and doesn't even flinch when I hand her over to Kirstie. That is such a blessing because with David in school and me working, we have needed help with babysitting. Lately though with other people besides Kirstie, all someone has to do is look at her and she bursts into tears! It's funny and sad at the same time. But that's a healthy sign of development! I know from my child development class haha!

So in summary- we had our second baby and couldn't be happier. David and I both love children, but we do know that we are done having kids. I have a few autoimmune diseases that make pregnancy dangerous for me, which is why we had our second baby when we did, because it was the safest time for my body. David loves me though and wants our kids to have a mom, and so do I, so our little family is complete! I'm so grateful for the advisement and monitoring of my Dr this pregnancy, and that he put my health and my daughter's health on equal ground and kept us both healthy and safe!

It was a very hard nine months and David literally waited on me hand and foot the entire pregnancy. I don't know how he did it with a full time school load and working and taking care of gratton every time he was home, but he did and I am so thankful for that.

Now things are finally settling down. My Dr has my immune system suppressed at the moment and I'm feeling better than I have in a very long time. My little sister Natalie just moved in two days ago, and she's been cleaning my house non-stop! My brother Jonny lives here with us too, and he's working a part time job and doing great in high school. I'm so proud of him.  My husband is doing great still in school and I'm almost done with my M.B.A. in healthcare administration. I'm working at the hospital as an admitting clerk and I love it. I love being a Mom, but having work has helped my health get better. It's a lot less stressful than being at home full time, and that lower stress level helps autoimmune diseases. So if I'm at work and David is at school, the kids are at their Aunt Kirsties! And they sure love it there. Gratton always still wants to go play at their house even when I've got the day off. Having her and her family here in Rexburg, willing to watch our kids for absolutely nothing in return has been the most amazing blessing we could have ever asked for. Everything is just so perfect right now, and I know it's all thanks to the blessings we get from God and I'm so thankful for every one of those blessings!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kahlan watches Harry Potter for the first time

So here is the rule Kahlan- if you want to wake up and play before 5am, you'll be watching Harry Potter with mommy! This is the first time she's watched Harry Potter, but I had to start with the second movie because I couldn't find the first one. You have your big brother to thank for that one Kahlan! Well back to cleaning. This is my second day of my treatment on steroids and thank you Dr Hancock! I'm already feeling a bit better for the first time in ages!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nutella and cheese sandwich

Gratton wanted a very specific sandwich tonight- a nutella and cheese sandwich with wheat bread! He's insane! And he's actually eating it and says it's yummy!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blue Batman!

Gratton got these adorable Batman pajamas for his second birthday, from our awesome neighbors the Masons! He's never worn them for more than two seconds because he acts all scared and says the bad guys will get him. Well today he is brave and wanted to wear them! He even wanted his-blue batman shoes! I had no idea which shoes he was talking about, but apparently his black skater shoes are "blue batman" because they look like "big strong Dads" shoes. He says Dada is blue batman because he's strong, and so is uncle bubba and Jonny. But not mom because I'm not strong. I tell him I'm not strong because I get easy too tired to play all the rocket games that his dad and uncles play.
Gratton keeps lifting this toy up and grunting and saying how strong he is-like blue batman and daddy.

Also, he is pretending to read a post it note that has writing on it, and he has politely informed me that the note says we need to go to Ray-Ray's house! And for those of you who aren't up to date with grats latest obsessions, Ray-Ray is his 12 year old cousin Rachel. She's in school now, and gratton wants to see her every day! He doesn't understand why she can't play all day anymore. So every day this week he has asked to go to get house. Silly kid. I better take him today!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kahlan loves music

So Kahlan absolutely loves music. She lights up when music is on, especially instrumental music. She seems to really like Lindsey Sterling. I had the you time video on our tv and I was feeding her, and she freaked out cause she couldn't see the tv. When I adjusted her so she could see the tv again, she calmed down and was happy again.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hot Dogs gone weird

So gratton has a new weird way to eat hot dogs. This morning he had David make him a hot dog on a bun with honey on it. And he liked it! What a weird kid

Monday, February 25, 2013

Surprise Hugs

So last night, grat was upstairs playing and watching toy story and David and I and Bill were downstairs watching total recall. All of a sudden grat came downstairs and was all excited and gave each one of us a big hug! And i asked for another hug and then he gave everyone another hug. He is the sweetest boy ever! I love him to death!

Mud pie nap

I was upstairs folding laundry and grat was downstairs watching go Diego go. It had been a few minutes since I checked on him, so I went downstairs. I found him on the couch asleep with his book-Mud Pie for Mother. That is his favorite book these last few days. He has me read it to him lots, and I catch him all the time pretending to read it to himself. It's the cutest book ever! And he's the cutest kid ever!

Thank you Dolly Pardon imagination library! That's where he got the book. He gets a new one every month. That's why he's so into reading :-)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pocket pals

Gratton discovered pockets a few months ago. More recently he discovered that you could put things into pockets.
Today he was wearing a shirt without a pocket and he didn't want pants. So he asked for a shirt with pockets so he could put his toy car in his pocket. Only button up shirts have pockets usually, so this is what he ended up wearing. Sans pants though of course!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Yesterday was the best Valentines Day so far! David had to go to school early, and didn't get home until late, but we still made the best of it! Gratton and I hung out all day and did some fun stuff. Gratton gave me my first gift of the day when he slept in until 11am. I didn't even know what to do with myself. I started on school work but then decided that it was Valentines Day, so I was taking the day off! So I made some pink rice crispy treats for our neighbors instead. Then my little guy woke up! We had a fun day! First we filled out and colored on some Valentines Day cards for his Rose cousins, since we hadn't done that yet! Then we read some books, played with some toys, ate some food and did what he loves best- watched Toy Story! I had a Drs appointment at 3:30 that David said he was coming home for. He called though to tell me that he wasn't going to be able to make it because he had more school work than he thought. I was kinda bummed, cause I was looking forward to seeing him and giving him his card and stuff. I decided not to get mad though since school is supposed to come first for the next few years. Gratton was still watching Toy Story at this time, so I laid down for a cat nap. (I need those since I'm pregnant!) Well about five minutes after I hung up with David, I feel Gratton nudging my leg to wake me. He does this when he needs a snack or something, or just wants me awake. I opened my eyes and it's not Gratton! It's that punk of a husband of mine who likes to yank my chain! He was never planning on staying on campus, he just wanted to make me sad so that he could surprise me! He's standing there with flowers, chocolate and a card! I was so mad and happy at the same time. Especially that he got me flowers! Because the night before he was whining about how much flowers cost, so I said- it's okay then don't get me any. He really loves trying to make me mad so that later he can make me happy. Punk. BECAUSE I TRY SO HARD TO BE AN EASY WIFE! I try not getting upset when he is intentionally trying to get me mad?! Men! But it was the best surprise. So. Point David I guess? Butthead. So I put the roses in water and read the card, which was super sweet, and told him thank you. While I was telling David what a butthead he was for putting me on an emotional roller coaster while I'm pregnant and already emotional, and he's laughing and super proud of himself, our little guy took the opportunity to get into the unattended chocolates! I turn around and he's got the top off and is touching each piece of chocolate! He's gotta feel each one to decide if it's going to be tasty I guess! I started busting up and made David get his phone out and take pictures. Then we gave Gratton his Valentines Day chocolates, and Gratton and I gave Daddy his card and candy too. I made David this awesome card on shutterfly, with this free code I got, but it said 2012 on it! I didn't realize the format I chose was from last year... I blame it on pregnancy brain! David laughed but loved it anyways. We got Gratton this little Spongebob box of chocolates. He liked mine better, but that's okay cause I liked his too! We went to the doctors and sent Dad back to school. He had a test (yes on Valentines Day!) so we knew we weren't going to get to have dinner with him. We went back to hanging out and doing our thing, and David went back to campus to study for his Discrete Math test. I did laundry and Gratton watched Blues Clues. I was wondering what I was going to make us for dinner, when I decided on nothing! I told Gratton- we're going to Subway for dinner! He doesn't understand Subway as subway though, you have to say store instead. You see, in our wee little town of Rexburg, ID WalMart is the cheapest place to shop usually, so he knows store as Wal-Mart. And he knows that there's a Subway at Wal-Mart. He also knows that our Subway sells Icees! So what I actually said was- we're going to the store for dinner, and he yelled "Icee!" I said, "yup buddy, let's go!" Mommy son date for Valentines Day! Since I have Celiac's disease, I can only eat their salads, but the chopped double chicken salad is awesome! I love it! And you know, strangely enough, Subway was not busy on Valentines Day! I guess it's not considered romantic or something? It was perfect for us though, because we could go to the toy isle after eating! We ate our food and then went to do our shopping. I wasn't in a hurry, so I let him go play with the toys in the toy isles. Some people might say you're not supposed to let your kids play with the toys, but I am pretty sure that if that were the case, the toy companies wouldn't put them out half open, fully loaded with batteries and at just the right height for the child of target age to grab them. Trust me, they want you to let your kids play with the toys! Even families without much extra money somehow end up with those toys at home sooner or later. Funny how that works... I do have a rule though that I don't buy toys when Gratton is with me though, so he doesn't always ask to buy everything. Sometimes I break that rule, but not usually! Anyway, back on track here- Gratton is playing with toys, when he sees the pink trike. Yup, they have assembled bikes in the store, just his size. He picked the pink one, he always goes for the pink stuff! He followed me around the store in that trike while I finished shopping. I wouldn't normally let him do that, but the store was empty and he was so excited about the trike! So we rode around and got the stuff we needed and killed time until David was going to be home. We timed it perfectly too, David pulled into the driveway right after we did, so he could bring in groceries! He did good on his test, so he was in an awesome mood! I like when he does well on his tests! We were both pretty tired though, so we just cuddled and caught up on some TV shows we hadn't watched in a while. All in all, it was a great day! Next year will be even better, because we will have our little girl to celebrate with too!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Bowling Night

Yesterday Gratton and I went to take David dinner at work and we ended up having quite the adventure! We found David and warmed up the food, and then we ate. When Grat was done, he wanted to draw on the white boards (David was in a computer lab room that had big white boards). We drew some shapes and letters and scribbled out the calculus mumbo jumbo that was on the board (they guys said they were done with it). Then Davids friend asked us if we wanted to bowl with them in their league thing. It's a 3 week thing and there was 2 weeks left, and we thought that sounded pretty fun so of course we agreed. So we told grat it was time to go. He started erasing the board in a super cute way! Each time he erased a letter or shape he said bye to it- "bye Q, bye B, bye I, bye star, bye circle." It was so adorable and all the guys in the lab were impressed that he was saying the right letters, since he's barely 2. What can I say, my kids smart! I made sure I married good genes! Haha Then we went to bowl. The bowling alley is on campus, which is awesome because it's super cheap. Gratton loves bowling. He likes to roll the ball himself and he gets so excited when it gets to the end of the lane. I don't think he even cares or notices yet if he hits pins! He especially loves clapping for everyone as they take their turns. When David went he would clap and say "Go Dada go!" So cute! Gratton and I shared a turn and we bowled a 59, which is not bad for us! I even got a strike! Anyway that was our family night and it was super fun!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dragon in the Vents

Yesterday morning Gratton and I were downstairs with David, while he was ironing a shirt. All or a sudden the heater kicked on really loud. Gratton jumped and got scared because he was close to the vent. David started laughing and told Gratton that there was a Dragon in the vent. That got Gratton pretty scared for a second and then kind of excited. He started saying "Hagar", which is his word for Dragon, over and over again and growling really loud. All day long he kept going back to the vent to look for the dragon. He even showed his Aunt Alysa where the dragon was. The heater wasn't on, so Alysa told him the Dragon was sleeping, and Gratton went "SHH!" with his hand in front of his mouth. It was pretty stinking funny. Kids have great imaginations!